Translation of careful in Spanish:


cuidadoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrfəl/ /ˈkɛːfʊl/ /ˈkɛːf(ə)l/

Definition of cuidadoso in Spanish


  • 1

    to be careful of sb/sth tener cuidado con algn/algo
    to be careful to + inf procurar + inf
    to be careful with sth tener cuidado con algo
    you should be more careful in future tendrías que tener más cuidado en el futuro
    • be careful (ten) cuidado
    • be careful going down the stairs (ten) cuidado al bajar las escaleras
    • be careful you don't fall! ¡cuidado, no vayas a caerte!
    • be careful she doesn't trick you ten cuidado de que no te vaya a engañar
    • be careful where you step/what you say (ten) cuidado dónde pisas/con lo que dices
    • They were careful to make sure Robinson's helmet and feet did not contact the fragile ship.
    • In taking forward his company, he must be careful to make sure that the business case works for each part separately.
    • An unadmitted lack of confidence makes him careful to avoid open conflict and he feels he must make the best of things as they are.
    • As the election draws near I must be careful to avoid bias, such is the frightening influence of the diary.
    • However be careful to avoid litigations, as they will be a barrier to your success.
    • Ash paused, and recounted his dream to her in descriptive detail but was careful to avoid the part where she dies.
    • Mack and Phil followed him, careful to avoid anything which would betray their position.
    • The last stage had a lot of loose gravel on the surface so I made sure I was careful.
    • I'm not really careful and cautious, I tend to speak without thinking and jump in head first to a problem.
    • Be careful and use caution and I trust you, yours too will be a positive experience.
    • We have been careful and cautious: we don't have Scottish in our name for nothing.
    • He also struck me as a cautious and careful man and an impressive witness.
    • We were very concerned to ensure that any opening of the courts was careful and cautious.
    • Kwan says she must be careful and aware of her body to make sure she doesn't risk injury.
    • I must be very careful not to lose my temper with Maureen from the flats management company tomorrow.
    • It's win at all costs and he is going to have to be careful because he could lose a lot.
    • She would have to be more careful-he was aware of her and she was losing her energy quickly.
    • Look guys I know we have to be a bit more alert, I know we have to be a bit more aware and careful.
    • We should do everything we can as a government and as a people to be watchful and careful.
    • He claims to be more careful and measured than he was in those days, but his example does not appear to have rubbed off on his players.
    • Yes, these are tough times for everyone, but that is not why he was being so careful with his money.
    • He has a reputation for being careful with money, but not with time and laughs.
    • Apparently she was that she was a bit too careful with her money and died leaving millions of pounds.
    • I never was in the habit of depriving myself but from now on I refuse to be careful with my money.
    • By the way, I used to work for a chap who was tremendously careful with his money.
    • As Christmas approaches we would urge the public to be particularly careful with money.
    • With many clubs becoming increasingly careful with the pennies, very few big money deals took place.
    • Hands up all those who think Yorkshire parliamentarians will be far more careful with the public purse?
    • Be careful with irony or sarcasm, especially if you are emailing someone abroad.
    • I learnt a valuable lesson which was to be a little more careful with my finances.
    • Stuff like Lemsip is also banned and you have got to be careful with your caffeine dosages.
    • Perhaps a deficiency in this chemical marks a person as someone who needs to be careful with booze.
    • Could it be that since quitting his job, he has to be more careful with his baht?
    • With these he was careful and prudent, but never hesitated to recommend judicious outlay.
    • The rivals not only have deeper pockets, they are less careful than the canny Tike on how they spend their cash.
    • I like to treat myself now and again, but I am very careful in that I always put money aside for saving.
    • I also went to the gym and worked out and I made sure I was careful with what I ate.
    • My dad was always very careful and he has advised me not to be too cautious and end up with money I don't know what to do with.
    • He was so nearly lost to addiction some years ago that he is now careful in the other extreme.
    • Be careful of alcohol and drugs especially if you tend to become angry or aggressive when drinking.
  • 2

    (planning) cuidadoso
    (work) cuidado
    (work) esmerado
    (work) bien hecho
    (worker) meticuloso
    after careful consideration of all the options después de considerar detenidamente todas las opciones
    • Anti-speed campaigners in Guiseley have been rewarding careful drivers with a smile.
    • Considering I was the world's most careful driver, I felt some tension creep into my body.
    • It is measured objectively by the care to be expected of an experienced, skilled and careful driver.
    • But it has taken time and a lot of careful planning to avoid going into debt.
    • A defendant would have to use careful language to avoid imputing guilt by a statement of suspicion.
    • These are not reasons for inaction but they counsel caution and careful planning.
    • Take careful measurements of doors and windows before buying to make sure they will fit in their new home.
    • You can often avoid CGT with careful planning and canny use of your annual allowance.
    • I took careful, measured steps that didn't cause my pants to shift too much.
    • A lot of wastage can be avoided in toilets, baths and kitchens too with careful planning.
    • Once this is complete, careful testing will help Dione to avoid costly mistakes.
    • First, the entire science of astronomy had depended on careful measurement from the very beginning.
    • In such circumstances careful financial planning for the future has to be done right from the start.
    • Just a careful check every now and again to make sure it doesn't grow.
    • This timely reminder of the dangers of diabetes should prompt a careful look at the wisdom of that strategy.
    • After much careful deliberation, I had finally managed to whittle my wishes down to just two.
    • To be frank, his bat was held too straight, his careful answers the product of wary years of dealing with the media.
    • Such heady days may yet return to Carrow Road, but will only do so with sensible and careful planning.
    • Using your home to provide you with extra money in your old age needs careful thinking and it shouldn't be done lightly.
    • One of its main strengths is reckoned to be in the careful management of other peoples' money.


  • 1

    (ten) cuidado
    careful you don't fall! ¡cuidado, no vayas a caerte!