Translation of careless in Spanish:


descuidado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrləs/ /ˈkɛːləs/


  • 1

    (inattentive, negligent)
    (person) descuidado
    (person) poco cuidadoso
    (work) poco cuidado
    (driving) negligente
    you made some careless mistakes cometiste errores por descuido
    • they're so careless with money son muy descuidados / poco cuidadosos con el dinero
    • he's careless about his dress es descuidado en el vestir
    • Employers have every right to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm from malicious or careless workers.
    • Pray that whatever has caused them to be so careless doesn't harm them or someone else.
    • It is not fair on others to behave in a careless, foolhardy fashion.
    • It has been rendered ineffective by careless road-users, mostly though because it has been partially laid.
    • Young, brash and careless they are guilty of making basic errors.
    • The police blame it on the rash drivers and careless pedestrians.
    • She had been careless up until then, spraying errors far and wide, but when Serena went home, the errors cleared up.
    • I have been careless and not paid attention, talking too much and letting you get the advantage, you young rascal.
    • Sadly, however, it seems this made people a little more careless and as a result syphilis in many areas is on the rise again.
    • If one person makes a mistake or gets careless, the results can be catastrophic.
    • Some commentators have tended to see this judgement as some kind of mistake - as the result of careless Ofsted inspectors.
    • Even so, it has had too many lulls, been too careless with the football and, with few exceptions, lacked cohesion.
    • He was often careless with tactical dispositions and as a result, his army lost thousands of men.
    • Instead, they appear to result from the mere garbling of details by careless writers.
    • When he came to write up his travels in 1790 he was careless with his original notes, with the result that critics claimed he had penned a work of fiction.
    • And apart from the direct health problems, what about the number who die as a result of fires started by careless smokers?
    • The problem is that the current Republican Party may be socially conservative but fiscally it is careless.
    • In the hospital Mack asked if she knew the careless devil that had thrown the cigarette end.
    • However, you will have crash effects on your car if you get too careless and rough.
    • Locked in their cells most afternoons, the breeders grew restless and consequently careless in their actions.
    • In planning a quilt, my reaction to this ordered system has always been a reckless measuring which produces careless results.
    • Why 100,000 Americans die each year in our nation's hospitals as a result of careless medical mistakes.
    • And, yes, there were tragic accidents to mar it, resulting from careless handling of the fireworks.
    • Cognitive blanks are the sporadic result of careless reading, I knew.
    • Although the collision was the result of careless driving by the defendant, the injury to the plaintiff was exacerbated by the fact he had deliberately chosen not to wear a seat belt.
    • Consider the parent who has the misfortune of having to care for a critically injured child over a long period as a result of a careless driving incident.
    • He sometimes tries to do too much, which leads to careless decisions that can result in fumbles and interceptions.
    • One result of careless scapegoating is that there is little or no time spent asking and answering the hard questions.
    • Some surface damage may also result from careless disc handling or simply from bad luck.
    • Many question why these errors happen and whether they occur as the result of careless practices.
    • Another gift try was conceded when careless passing resulted in an interception, and so it went on as the home side failed to halt the flow of points against them.
    • In some cases, the performances were careless, humdrum or lacked lustre.
    • Fire figures show that on average at least one person dies each year during Diwali celebrations as a result of careless use of candles.
    • He emerged as the great hope in 2001, then spent the next 12 months standing still, and his career is littered with careless errors and lame excuses.
    • They held their discipline, were running hard in the last few minutes and, despite a few careless errors and some touches of naivety, were never dull.
    • The foremost cause of death in young men is not drink, fighting in the streets, careless driving or even drugs, though they may play a part.
    • It looks as though Salisbury's careless talk may have cost her both her job and her freedom.
    • Under the Road Traffic Act, a person shall not drive a vehicle in a public place without due care and attention, commonly known as careless driving.
    • I mean, his behavior was, according to this, indiscrete at best, careless at worse.
    • Of course it's good to get things right, but I'm afraid we're all capable of careless errors at times.
    • But a series of careless errors let the Scots back in the game, with the final indignity being the bizarre own goal.
  • 2

    to be careless of sth
    • So we covered 1,500 kilometres and more - the actual spots seldom reveal themselves to a casual or careless traveller.
    • The careless, the casual, the thoughtless reader will come away from them no wiser than he was before.
    • ‘I never felt like I belonged in that world,’ he says with a careless shrug.
    • Finally he handed it over with a careless shrug.
    • Shrugging in a careless way, Leanne yet again, flung her mother aside and stepped outside onto the street.
    • Finally he gave a careless shrug, dropping the man's head with a thud that predicted a headache the next day.
    • His casually careless attire and an ‘I care a damn attitude’ attract more attention.
    • Slowly we get used to the careless mentality I have known for so long, a casual, easy-going laziness.
    • And the portraits, however careless they seem are not exactly casual snaps.
    • Bad smart casual is when a man mixes inappropriate pieces in a careless manner.
    • It was weird that she was staying here, nonchalant and careless, after the events that night.
    • Many parents reported being exhausted and confused by the lack of information support and careless approach.
    • Parsons shrugged his shoulders and gave Bradley a careless look.
    • He shrugged his slender shoulders in a careless manner still staring at her irately.
    • Deciding that it was either now or never, I shrugged my shoulders in a careless manner, as if it were no big deal.
    • Or else our future generations are certainly going to pay the price for our careless, negligent and easygoing approach to the whole issue.
    • As he read the novel, its nihilism and careless insensitivity to Nazi anti-Semitism were shocking, even abominable.
    • Many security breaches result from a careless or indifferent attitude in the office.
    • He often did that, and as usual, her only reaction was a careless laugh.
    • She gave her head a careless shake, and as a result very nearly pitched herself off her seat.
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    (ease/elegance) natural
    (ease/elegance) no afectado
    • The three main parties focus on these ‘swing’ voters and the issues that concern them, careless of the views of the rest of us.
    • That made him careless about liberty and willing to use the authority of the state to create the sort of society he wanted to see.
    • No one suggests that the government should be casual or careless about the terrorists in our midst.
    • He was ill educated, unintelligent, lacking in common sense, careless of his duties, immoral, and lazy.
    • People of all nations and faiths know that we are all vulnerable to terror, which by its nature is careless of its targets and indifferent to human life.
    • A society that is careless about animals' pain is likely to be casual about human suffering.
    • Who can take seriously the human dignity of a man who was careless of the human dignity of millions of his subjects?
    • Yet still, the sense that this is a ‘private’ public space remains very important to me, so I feel alternately uncomfortable about and careless of the possibility of being recognized.
    • Their prevalence suggests that we are careless of our environment and of the environmental image we convey.
    • Why we should be so careless of the nutrition, the physical and psychological health, and the education of so many of the country's future citizens seems incomprehensible.
    • The writer was incorrigibly careless of diction and unable, as his letters reveal, even to spell ‘grammar,’ to say nothing of mastering it.
    • We're careless of each other, we want different things, and yet we're stuck together, in it for the long haul.
    • See now, rounding the headland, a forlorn hopeless bird, trembling black wings fingering the blowy air, dainty and ghostly, careless of the scattering salt.
    • Does your drinking make you careless of your family's welfare?
    • But how can it claim to uphold standards of broadcasting excellence when its own production methods are evidently so careless of craft skills?
    • Even as a young, curious, apparently altruistic man, my grandpa was always quite careless of the feelings and needs of others close to him.
    • If he really was careless of his integrity he would have stayed in Hollywood and jumped through the hoops that the studio bosses demanded.
    • The home to which Manesquier takes his new friend is clearly that of a wealthy man, careless of his surroundings.
    • He may be careless of the careers of his colleagues but even the most virulent press frenzy is unlikely to budge him.
    • I was trying to help end the killing and the war, but there were times when I was thoughtless and careless about it and I'm… very sorry that I hurt them.
  • 4literary

    (schooldays/revelers) despreocupado