Translation of caret in Spanish:


signo de intercalación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrət/ /ˈkarət/


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    signo de intercalación masculine
    • In fact, there is a linguistic analog: the use of carets, superscripts, and footnotes - all vertical operations - to embed new information in a finished text.
    • Not only do I underscore; I use brackets, carets, and braces; I annotate all four margins and I copiously turn down the edges (both top and bottom) of certain especially memorable pages.
    • A dart (>) marks the last nucleotide for each gene and indicates the direction of transcription; nucleotides participating in termination codons of protein-coding genes are underscored with carets.
    • But what's even better is Pikachu's tough side, which his animators represent simply by transforming the pocket monster's normally circular mouth into a caret (the ^ symbol) to illustrate his competitiveness.
    • If used inside brackets, the caret is interpreted as the negation operator.
    • A caret mark appears between the words ‘paid’ and ‘to’ and the words ‘in cash’ are inserted.
    • Some of it gets through though - this is because subject titles are ‘cleverly’ crafted so that the spam filter doesn't recognise them (putting a full stop or caret in a word seems to work occasionally)