Translation of carfare in Spanish:


precio del boleto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑrfɛr/ /ˈkɑːfɛː/


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    precio del boleto masculine
    precio del billete masculine Spain
    I didn't even make my carfare no saqué ni para el autobús (or tren etc.)
    • It was fifteen minutes’ walk from the store, and by taking this walk twice a day she saved carfare and the price of luncheon.
    • Therefore, he demanded the return of the 50 cents admission, 10 cents carfare, and 30 cents for the time he spent at the ballpark.
    • When he arrived in 1894, the story went, Little walked twenty miles to the Aikman ranch to save carfare.
    • ‘Palestrina for a penny’ was his motto, referring to the carfare from the Royal College of Music to Westminster.
    • To save the carfare, I started the long walk home from Manhattan to The Bronx, grateful but still shaken.
    • Gamblers have a saying: "If you bet on a sure thing, be sure to save enough money for carfare home."
    • Not so long ago mothers would pin a dollar bill to their daughters’ underclothes when they went out on a date in case, for some reason, they needed carfare home.
    • She gave Barbara $2.50, instructing her to put the fifty cents in the zipper of her wallet, to save for carfare home.
    • I assured him that he could get his two hours on the job, and I gave him carfare home.
    • The labor van would drop you off at the job site with a time sheet, a dollar draw for lunch, and carfare home.