Translation of Carmelite in Spanish:


carmelita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑrməˌlaɪt/ /ˈkɑːmɪlʌɪt/


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    carmelita masculine, feminine


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    (nun/friar) carmelita
    Carmelite house convento carmelita
    • The importance of community is central to Carmelite life. All Carmelites are called to live in community and Father Joseph reflected upon the importance of this.
    • John of the Cross was a 16 th-century Spanish mystic and Carmelite priest.
    • She was prioress of the first reformed Carmelite convent in France, and spread the teachings of the founder of the French School, Pierre de Berulle, through the movement.
    • A Jesuit uncle, then chaplain to the Seattle community of Carmelite nuns, made an emergency appeal for prayers.
    • St. Joseph's Pontifical Seminary was started in 1682 by Carmelite missionaries in Varappuzha.