Translation of carnival in Spanish:


carnaval, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑrnəvəl/ /ˈkɑːnɪv(ə)l/

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  • 1

    carnaval masculine
    • Unless there is more public support the annual carnival procession in Marlborough could disappear.
    • Devizes was alive with colour and music as the carnival procession wound its way through the town on Saturday.
    • Each year the carnival procession parades through the centre of Calne starting from the Porte Marsh Industrial Estate.
    • All eyes were on the sky over Pewsey on Saturday as rain poured down just hours before the annual carnival parade was due to start.
    • Youngsters dressed up and filled the streets of Guiseley for the annual carnival parade at the weekend.
    • Later in the afternoon the golden jubilee festival carnival and procession takes place in The Mall.
    • Bromham was awash with colourful floats and costumes as residents celebrated in the carnival procession on Saturday.
    • The village will be busy with range of events, culminating with the carnival fête and procession on June 26.
    • There was a real party atmosphere in Melksham at the weekend as the town celebrated its annual carnival.
    • The sun also came out as the procession of floats wound its way to the carnival field and then paraded through the town on Saturday.
    • The festival will begin with a carnival parade setting off from Main Road.
    • More than 3000 men, women, children and dogs joined the carnival procession as it weaved through Edinburgh's city centre.
    • Threatening storms stayed away until the end of the carnival procession when those on the floats and spectators heading home were drenched.
    • On Saturday, September 4, the carnival procession will leave from the Green at 6pm.
    • Dragons, banners, large flowers and other willow objects will be created in the workshops to use in the carnival procession.
    • Thousands of visitors are expected to head for Devizes on Monday for the free carnival street festival
    • The boxes will be used to collect cash for charities and organisations taking part in the carnival procession.
    • Festival fever will hit Durrow this August Bank Holiday weekend when the annual carnival takes place.
    • The August bank holiday weekend will see Durrow host its annual carnival.
    • The town of Binche is famous for its carnival festivities in the weeks before Lent.
  • 2US

    (traveling fair)
    feria ambulante feminine
    • As a result, Truzzi was intrigued by magic, juggling, sideshows, carnivals, and circuses.
    • In the back of the book was a section about the foods invented at fairs, circuses and carnivals.
    • Zoos have been around for hundreds of years, the first ones being like freak shows attached to carnivals and circuses.
    • Ever noticed the remarkable similarity between these fairs and traveling roadside carnivals.
    • As an eager visitor to amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and state fairs of all magnitude, I was used to all manners of muzak being piped to all corners of the festival grounds.
    • He later returned to England, where in poverty he was forced to sell his tattooed face in a travelling carnival.
    • After all they have been used to host carnivals and circuses.
    • A true oddity, it's a film about some twisted racketeers involved with a travelling carnival.
    • It was a different business then, more of a travelling carnival, and he didn't encourage his son.
    • In fact, the church has never been able to compete with the carnival or circus in delivering fun to the folks in the pew.
    • You know, there's one of those travelling carnivals coming to town this weekend, and he said he would take me.
    • It conjures up old reveries of carnivals and roadside zoos, sideshows and state fairs - huge tents fetid with the sweet stench of anticipation.
    • One young woman described spending several years traveling intermittently with various carnivals.
    • Mom's favorite brother, Uncle George, arrives in town with his traveling carnival.
    • In the case of carnivals, world fairs, and freak shows, the promotion of human oddities relied on meticulously crafted public personas.
    • He has had a varied employment history including factory work and a job travelling with a carnival.
    • At various times he has told us that he ran away from school to join a carnival, was descended from Sioux Indians, was an orphan and had been a hobo.
    • Diane Arbus traveled about, seeking out the inhabitants of carnivals, nudist camps, and mental hospitals and asking them to look straight into her camera.
    • Mark Svenvold has retraced McCurdy's life, death and eventful afterlife in a fascinating tale of the macabre under-belly of American sideshows and carnivals.