Translation of carob in Spanish:


algarrobo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrəb/ /ˈkarəb/


  • 1also carob tree

    algarrobo masculine
  • 2also carob bean

    algarroba feminine
  • 3

    sucedáneo de chocolate hecho de algarrobas (confection)
    • Fortunately the redoubtable Ms. Hillary is not diabetic, as chocolates are high on the prohibited list, as are the so-called ‘diabetic’ chocolates or the chocolate substitute carob.
    • Add extras such as carob or malted milk powder to impart a gourmet flavor to your concoctions.
    • One brand of homemade ice-cream has chunks of salt and carob instead of proper chocolate.
    • Honey and fresh fruit are ok in small amounts and carob not chocolate, also soy yoghurt not ice cream.
    • I have heard that carob is a healthy substitute for chocolate.
    • Or give out individually wrapped cookies and candies made with carob instead of chocolate and sweetened with fruit juice rather than refined sugar.
    • Hand-made from natural ingredients, treat flavours include peanut butter, liver, honey and vanilla and carob.
    • And, save for hard, stale cookies and bars in health food stores, carob was scarce outside my own kitchen.
    • All over the two islands, locals sell honey and carob and jam jars full of capers.
    • This herbal coffee is made from a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts like chicory root, roasted carob and figs.