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carpintero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑrpən(t)ər/ /ˈkɑːp(ə)ntə/

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    carpintero masculino
    carpintera femenino
    • Tom Searles worked as a carpenter repairing the inside of the wooden mills and stayed for seventeen years.
    • I once gave a contract to a local carpenter for some repairs on my house.
    • His estimated cost for repairs seemed high, so I hired a carpenter at about half the price.
    • You don't need to be a master carpenter, but some basic carpentry skills are required.
    • The skilled carpenters and joiners enjoyed a sense of solidarity that quickly turned to truculence if they felt slighted and led to constant collective difficulties with their employers.
    • I started life as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, and I always remember my first job application being turned down because my marks in chemistry were not high.
    • It was the third successive year that she had been hailed as the world's best on the sport's greatest stage, a far cry from her days as a carpenter and joiner.
    • If there is a single power tool that is universally accepted as a necessity by carpenters everywhere, it would be the circular saw.
    • He worked for many years with wood, both as a carpenter and doing fine wood-working.
    • This was built over a period of 40 days by a 300 strong force of labourers, carpenters, joiners and artists.
    • Apprenticeships available for youngsters include stonemasonry; bricklaying; carpenters and joiners and roof-slaters and tilers.
    • ‘There is a huge shortage of carpenters and joiners in Scotland,’ he said.
    • She said the workmen, who residents thought were carpenters and joiners, have also been doing plumbing and electrical work.
    • Having finished his apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner, Don went to officer cadet school at Portsea, becoming a second lieutenant.
    • Ron left school at 14 to become a carpenter and joiner.
    • After serving with the Royal Corps of Signals in 1945, Mr Brock became an apprentice carpenter and joiner.
    • He was a carpenter and joiner by trade and served in the army during World War II.
    • Early unions followed the British model of craft-based associations among printers, tailors, cordwainers, cabinet-makers, shipwrights, carpenters, and stonemasons.
    • One house is constructed by professional carpenters; another by relatives.
    • Working with steel requires different tools and skills, so there is a big learning curve for carpenters.