Translation of carpet slipper in Spanish:

carpet slipper

zapatilla de felpa, n.


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    zapatilla de felpa feminine
    pantufla de felpa feminine
    • The next day his father Carlton, who was in the Merchant Navy, went to work in carpet slippers, the only footwear not destroyed.
    • One of the new lads, bless his heart, eschewed the military regulation black, highly polished boots, and habitually turned up for parade in his carpet slippers.
    • I picked up a new pair of trainers, some carpet slippers (the kitchen tiles are COLD in the morning) and a new winter jacket.
    • Equally, many men in mid-life refuse to conform to the physical stereotype of the beery middle-aged spread, cardigan and carpet slippers, and are happy to play along with the notion that they are only as old as they feel.
    • I'm not a carpet slippers and pipe man, and I'm looking forward to making a success of this latest venture.
    • She was also greeted with the sight of an elderly male patient, clad only in carpet slippers and a very badly fastened theatre gown, clutching his fag in one hand and his mobile drip stand in the other.
    • A letter had arrived some weeks earlier advising us to bring carpet slippers, but it wasn't until we stepped over the threshold of our Dorset idyll that we began to comprehend why.
    • The Bacteriologist, hatless, and in his carpet slippers, was running and gesticulating wildly towards this group.
    • In fact you can even play poker on the Internet in your dressing gown and carpet slippers, and your opponents will be none the wiser!
    • This evening, I shall be wearing my carpet slippers and smoking my pipe.
    • As wide as she was tall, the woman was wearing a badly stained, purple house dress and shabby carpet slippers.
    • He is at an age and stage where he should be pulling up the armchair and settling into his favourite carpet slippers.
    • All have their individual touches, from Laura Ashley curtains to carpet slippers.
    • Holmes was shaking out his dripping overcoat and changing into his carpet slippers.
    • Beneath it, jammed into carpet slippers, were a pair of moon-white legs.
    • Denn lit a candle, put on a pair of carpet slippers, and took his caller downstairs to the cellar.