Translation of carry-on in Spanish:


lío, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛriˌɑn/ /ˈkarɪɒn/

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    lío masculine informal
    jaleo masculine informal
    follón masculine Spain informal
    • As a matter of publishing curiosity, did the legal carry-on do anything for the book's sales?
    • Some of the neighbours were upset about the carry-on and bringing strangers around the place at that hour of the night.
    • I thought he would be screaming the place down with all the carry-on in the Flower Hall, but he has slept through all the noise.
    • Then a Sunday newspaper editor had the bright idea of sending a young reporter - me - out to interview people about all the budget carry-on.
    • Southport brought their right-winger into play again, and he equalised from a short corner routine, before the late carry-on which saw the two red cards brandished.
    • This carry-on confirms that the group has not only run out of money, but has exhausted its political capital, too.
    • I'm really dreading tomorrow what with all the inevitable carry-on.
    • What a ridiculous carry-on, separating young children from their parents.
    • As one seasoned politician remarked to me last week ‘the carry-on in the media wouldn't entice many people to let their name go forward, would it?’
    • They afterwards expressed their ‘disgust’ at the carry-on.
    • Anyway, it was the post-awards carry-on that was interesting.
    • Sure enough, there are busy vaudeville carryings-on: climbings up ladders, walkings down vertical walls, alignings and realignings of school desks with much banging of their tops.
    • He's a disgrace to the game of football with his acrobatic carryings-on.
    • We'd have lost, but at least there would not have been all the carrying-on and ill feeling that there was.
    • This carry-on in here tonight reminds me of that song that goes: ‘Oh what a circus, what a show!’
    • We have to look at that and ask ourselves whether we are prepared to put up with that sort of carry-on yet again.
    • So I wonder why it is supporting this sort of carry-on.
    • Throughout the developing world the same sort of carry-on pertains.
    • The same carry-on can be observed in the registrations of new cars in the past few years.


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    (before noun) de mano