Translation of carrying charge in Spanish:

carrying charge

gastos generales de bienes inactivos, n.


  • 1US

    (on unproductive assets)
    gastos generales de bienes inactivos masculine
    • On March 16 the company sent him an invoice for extension and carrying charges in the sum of $79, 762.50.
    • If, like many folks, you use credit to finance business purchases, interest and carrying charges are fully tax deductible.
    • I will also discuss how and when to report interest income, as well as when to claim any offsetting carrying charges.
    • Obviously a sore spot, as unless there's some profit in it, no one is going to commit to carrying inventory (and the attendant carrying charges can be huge.
  • 2

    (for transport)
    costo del transporte masculine
    coste del transporte masculine Spain
    • Hence the claim for carrying charges or, as Mr Baker put it, reverse demurrage, because the ship's delay delayed the cargo.
    • If you're taking your own skis, don't forget to check each airline's small print for any extra carrying charges - some do, some don't.