Translation of carrying trade in Spanish:

carrying trade

negocio de transportes, n.


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    negocio de transportes masculine
    • In trade, Venetian and Genoese shipbuilding declined; and increased tonnage, especially Dutch and English vessels, made its way into Italian ports to take over the carrying trade.
    • The general carrying trade withered as profound changes occurred in the distribution of goods and services in the countryside.
    • Its foreign policy became expansive too, and the Navigation Act of 1651, which challenged Dutch domination of the carrying trade, was one factor that led it into war with the United Provinces in 1652.
    • In the year before his first expedition Caesar had fought and destroyed at sea the fleet of the Veneti of Brittany, whose ships had controlled the carrying trade between Armorica and south-west Britain.
    • Since much of the carrying trade was left to Frisian-based vessels or Scandinavians on seaways remote from writing centres, few writers had cause to describe it.
    • By uniting the trading towns of Flanders and the Hansa, Habsburg forces could wrest control of the carrying trade from the Baltic to the ports of Flanders.
    • For the carrying trade in northern waters, including the Irish Sea, we should envisage a great variety of vessels but a preponderance of small ones.
    • On the other hand, the crown itself was partly to blame for the weakness of the carrying trade.
    • During the Napoleonic Wars, American merchants made huge profits in the carrying trade between Europe and the Americas.
    • A second phase in U.S. maritime transport began in the second half of the nineteenth century as British-built iron steamships increasingly dominated the international carrying trade.
    • South Asia enjoyed a key position in this trading network, and the resilience of its merchant groups in deflecting the European efforts at monopolizing the carrying trade in the Indian Ocean was impressive.
    • Londoners came to increase their use of the Dutch for their carrying trade.
    • They used their lucrative stranglehold on the river to monopolize the carrying trade, and they cared not at all for the festering resentment that roused.