Translation of cart in Spanish:


carro, n.

Pronunciation /kɑrt/ /kɑːt/

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  • 1

    carro masculine
    carreta feminine
    • The road passes through beautiful, wild scenery and twice crosses the glacier and on busy days, up to 40 sturdy little Fjord horses pulling traditional cariole carts carry visitors.
    • A horse pulling a cart carrying racegoers was struck by lightning and died and a passenger was killed.
    • The northbound section which opened in 1897 for horses and carts, now carries a daily traffic flow of 50,000 vehicles on its two lanes.
    • Occasionally, a motor wagon would thunder past him, but more often there would be bicycles and horse carts, loaded with goods, or rattling along unburdened.
    • Just because it was once open to horse and carts or chariots means they could drive a double-decker bus down it if they wanted to.
    • Three separate covered carts, pulled by four horses each, came up the drive and stopped in front of the manor.
    • We set off in an open cart drawn by four whip-scarred little oxen and piled high with equipment and provisions.
    • The lack of street lights, the home made brandy drunk under vines loaded with grapes, and horses and carts in the centre of the villages remind city tourists of how people used to live much closer to nature.
    • There, cows and geese sway and horses pull carts past old men who sit motionless in the shade of a few broad trees.
    • Dunstan had drawn his blade and swung round, the horses pulling the cart rolling their eyes in fright, drawing to a halt.
    • Shops began to open and street vendors hawked vegetables loaded onto donkey carts.
    • After breakfast the two girls followed Hosh and Darell to the stable where they hitched a wagon cart to two mahogany horses.
    • He could see the open cart led by two horses atop which stood his Jocelyn in a simple, loose-fitting, white gown.
    • Two shire horses pulled a cart full of waving children, books and bedding and the youngsters were met by the school's junior choir who sang outside the church.
    • Once everyone was cowering inside a protective ring of wagons, carts, and horses, Hasim breathed a sigh of relief.
    • Traffic duty consisted of ensuring the roads were not obstructed by horses and carts, hansom cabs and making sure that persons being carried in sedan chairs were transported on the road not on the pavement.
    • First, the paper proposes that lost rights of way that can be shown to have once been legally open to horses and carts, animals and pedestrians should be open once again.
    • Not half an hour out, horse-drawn carts haul huge loads of hay across flat fields and peasants stroll to markets.
    • Several passengers were thrown from the carts, with four having to be airlifted to hospital.
    • On the ride back to the guesthouse I asked the young driver of my horse cart what had happened to the old village.
  • 2handcart

    carretilla feminine
  • 3US

    (in supermarket, airport)
    carrito masculine
    • The foreground clutter of grocery carts and trolleys in this painting is as intricately painted as everything else.
    • He lunges at her, knocking a supermarket cart aside.
    • I don't care if they become president of the United States or the person in charge of bringing the carts in from the supermarket parking lot.
    • People turn their carts around at the supermarket and look away from me at the bank.
    • The person behind you in the supermarket runs his cart into the back of your ankle.
    • The message: shoppers who visit the supermarket can waste a lot of money filling up their cart with purchases they had not planned on.
    • I thought that the only thing that could destroy my serenity was being hungry, so I went back to the supermarket and started loading up carts with non perishable food.
    • I also wheeled people's carts out for them and put the bags in their cars.
    • Then it hit me… he is pushing a cart, full of groceries.
    • The boy/robber careened onto the freeway on-ramp, just missing a woman pushing a grocery cart.
    • He pushes his grocery cart up and down the street in Anderson, Carolina.
    • Enter an old woman pushing a cart of salvaged garbage, TV's, fans, cardboard, etc.
    • The woman smiled and wandered in with the smallest hint of a limp, pushing a food cart.
    • She strolled the aisle, reading the labels of various jars as she passed, when she accidentally pushed her cart into someone else's.
    • I headed towards the aisle with all the diary products, pushing my cart and was wondering if there was a party I could go to after dinner when I saw her.

transitive verb

  • 1

    I had to cart the books around all day tuve que cargar con los libros todo el día
    • we need a van to cart this furniture away necesitamos una camioneta para acarrear / llevar / transportar estos muebles
    • they were carted off to prison se los llevaron a la cárcel
    • He is unceremoniously carted around in a plastic urn inside a carrier bag which nervously changes hands between them.
    • The police entered, removed him from a closet where he had sought refuge, handcuffed and carted him off in front of 15 patrol cars and countless neighbours.
    • He said that, when the firing stopped, he saw people being carted off in ambulances to hospital.
    • When other mothers were carting their children around in what I saw as a desperate attempt to pretend nothing had changed in their lives, I was/am a stickler for the nap schedule.
    • Indeed, these days most time is spent carting the kids to and from school.
    • I'm also having a lot of fun putting her in her backpack and carting her around.
    • We were carted off to the hospital in field ambulances.
    • Declared in June, the date falls on the anniversary of Wallenberg's 1945 arrest, when he was carted off by Soviets to eventually die somewhere, it is believed, in the Gulag archipelago.
    • When we got there they put me in a wheelchair and carted me off to a room.
    • He asks two club-goers outside what has happened, and they tell him that someone has been beaten in the side alley, that an ambulance has carted him off.
    • Three young women are carted off from their homes at the beginning of The Magdalene Sisters, a new film from director Peter Mullan.
    • And just like many other mothers, my mother carted us around from one activity to another encouraging us to discover our interests and talents.
    • Before I reached the age when I convinced Mother that indeed I could and would rather stay at our house alone in the summer, she carted me to Ruthie's every day.
    • They carted me off to Emergency, where the doctors and nurses, once they determined I wasn't likely to die abruptly on them, ignored me.
    • For a chancellor to leak out details of his Budget ahead of the day it was due to be presented to the House of Commons would have led to the offending politician being carted off the Tower of London.
    • ‘It was just terrible,’ she winces, recalling how she was carted off to casualty.
    • This, though, did not stop us from crying whenever he was carted off to spend August vacations with his mother in Moruga.
    • I was a very jolly and entertaining drunk until I was carted off to hospital with pancreatitis three years ago.
    • Then Christmas came and I was carted off for a week by my brother and sister-in-law.
    • Though his truck is a picture of driving comfort, Mr McAuliffe is far from lax about the responsibilities he carries in carting thousands of litres of fuel across the Mid West countryside.
    • The carry handle makes carting the box very easy, though you'll still need to bring along a display device of some kind, which the company sells separately.
    • The bits no-one wanted, or which were too big and heavy to cart away would lay there to sink into the vegetation and decay slowly over the years.
    • Numerous taxicabs and limousines pulled up to the gilded doorway, dropping off guests while young bellboys carted luggage up the service elevator to various suites.
    • It's amazing to me how nonchalant people are about carting their food upon trays to a dirty table where God knows who or what was spilled all over the top.
    • Marble and other massive pieces too heavy to cart away were among chief pieces left in the galleries.
    • I've packed light, just in case I have to come straight back home after the gig tonight… in which case I don't need to be carting loads of luggage around with me.
    • Heavy equipment related to construction activities is carted through the road when the latter is not meant for such traffic, officials explained.
    • Electrified, he waited in the shadows until the driver and a Club employee carted a heavy crate inside, then he slipped into the building behind them.
    • He said: ‘The lift is not suitable for carting beds up and down and there is no defibrillation equipment which is essential in case there is an emergency.’
    • And if all goes wrong, the gear is transportable, the dust proof boxes housing the main components even have slots for fork lifts, and it can all be carted away.
    • As the trophy is carted off, it is announced that the event has raised a record $3,000 for charity.
    • They'll use the wire to slice the tanker up into sections and then lift up each one so it can be carted off for scrap.
    • By comparison, the 3G phones, with their big colour screens, are quite a bit more difficult to cart about.
    • Having just had a baby it is difficult to cart all the bags and boxes into the car when you are busy with the baby.
    • It hadn't taken much fast talking to get one of the men carting wood up to give us a lift down; I think he was too terrified to argue.
    • One of the first things he did was to make sure that the nine hundred tons of ore, which had been raised at Yudanamutana before the drought, were carted to Blinman for smelting.
    • And now my shoulder's out from carting heavy record bags all over London.
    • Cuvier wanted to know whether the pelvic bone had developed any peculiar structures as a result of carting around such a heavy load.
    • You can't take the direct approach since this might draw attention to yourself so you must stowaway in the large piece of luggage which the bellhop is carting upstairs.