Translation of cartoon in Spanish:


chiste, n.

Pronunciation /kɑrˈtun/ /kɑːˈtuːn/


  • 1

    (humorous drawing)
    (gráfico) chiste masculine
    mono masculine Chile
    (caricature) caricatura feminine
    • He also turned to satirical cartoons and illustrations for newspapers and magazines.
    • There were press attacks and vicious satirical cartoons featuring Queen Victoria throughout the middle of the 19th century.
    • It's an addition to the Comics page, devoted not to an artist, or a strip, or a subject, but just to a year: the newspaper cartoons of 1907.
    • Mauldin was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1945, and the United Features Syndicate distributed his cartoons to hundreds of newspapers.
    • Disillusioned with the politics and antics of politicians, Vijayan ventured into dark corners of history to find subjects for his cartoons.
    • He started trying to draw cartoons again, satirical sketches of popular figures (a talent which he'd had since a boy).
    • Encouraged by his comrades' response to his drawings, he eventually sent one of his cartoons to the Bystander magazine, and a legend was born.
    • Yet in today's multimedia world, satire has entered the mainstream via theatre, television, music, newspaper cartoons, radio, and the internet.
    • Did you look at other cartoons in the magazine for inspiration?
    • I don't even pay attention to political cartoons in newspapers.
    • As a child Cullen drew cartoons for the local newspaper, but since then he's painted everything from criminals to the devil.
    • While in Greece in 1997 I noticed a newspaper cartoon by Kosta Mitropoulou.
    • A cartoon in an Indonesian newspaper summed up what words and pictures struggled to convey.
    • Knight began sending his cartoons out to local newspapers and magazines, then to publications across the country.
    • The books - Europe since Versailles and Europe at War - date back to 1940 and 1941 and feature political cartoons by Sir David Low.
    • Each week we will feature one of her cartoons, which provide amusing insights into Southampton's rich past.
    • John Bull And Patriotism is the first in a series of six exhibitions featuring cartoons by James Gilray.
    • The cartoon featured a confused looking gentleman looking at a billboard advertising a horror film.
    • When one becomes the subject of cartoons, it is time to go.
    • Newspaper cartoons are popular and important for social critique.
  • 2

    dibujos animados masculine
    • Side views are nullified as the cartoon insistently animates its characters from the front.
    • Many of us have grown up with Disney cartoons and animated films and for some, they were the only kind of entertainment allowed by parents.
    • His initial background as a filmmaker was in cartoons and animation film, and it shows.
    • You would think nothing of it if the film were a cartoon - but seeing the same sequences performed by live actors?
    • Way back when, theaters used to show cartoons, newsreels, and short films before you'd see the main attraction.
    • Of course, we've realised that the only movies we've been to see since Rebecca's birth have been cartoons or animated films of some sort.
    • The series pairs films by the same director and features other material relative to the era of the films, such as newsreels and cartoons.
    • Some of the reused footage from the old cartoons appears grainy or scratched, but one commentary track reveals that they were actually digitally treated to look older.
    • Uninhibited characterizations dominated the American animated cartoons of World War II.
    • Plus marks go to the superbly clever animated opening credits, recalling the Pink Panther cartoons and giving a real flavour of the Sixties, in which the film is mostly set.
    • With the exception of cartoons, film has simply never distinguished between the childish and the adult.
    • Up until 1950s, the Walt Disney Company was known primarily for its animated movies and short cartoons.
    • He ranked among Hollywood's greatest film animators and his achievements in the world of film cartoons was often compared to those of Walt Disney, who created Mickey Mouse.
    • The movie looks pretty cool, a mix of 20s and 30s Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons.
    • The film plays like a live-action cartoon, with deliberately flat backdrops, oversized props, and campy, exaggerated action.
    • Watching the Disney cartoon again proves to be a far more appealing option.
    • From the golden age came many cartoons with characters that were based on comic strips.
    • It was fun to compare the still drawings to the finished cartoon, and it gives one a feel for how animators and writers rough-sketch their ideas.
    • I would rather watch animated features made for adults than cartoons.
    • Twelve cartoon or animated short features make up this disc, so I'll give a short description of what to expect.
  • 3British cartoon strip

    historieta feminine
    tira cómica feminine
    monitos masculine Chile, Mexico
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    cartón masculine
    • His stylish and decorative mythological paintings, tapestry cartoons, and designs for porcelain provided the setting for the lives of the rich and fashionable.
    • The first of its kind in the region, the studio offers a range of artistic services including graphic design, cartoons, murals, logos and illustrations.
    • He also produced tapestry cartoons and designs for theatrical sets and costumes.
    • At the beginning of the workshop each student prepared a cartoon (a preliminary drawing of what is going to be painted).
    • Fantagraphics have announced that, finally, they're releasing a compendium of drawings, paintings and cartoons by Arnold Roth.
    • Boucher considered these tapestry cartoons, which belonged to Mine de Pompadour and hung in her chateau at Bellevue, to be among his happiest inventions.
    • It may be grouped with other such pictures which we believe were executed by Bronzino on the basis of his master's drawings or cartoons.
    • The largest of all the drawings Egerton acquired were the two Carracci cartoons he gave to London's National Gallery in 1837, while he was one of its trustees.
    • Rubens made no squared up cartoons of paintings.
    • Vasari's biography confirms that Leonardo began to draw the cartoon in the Sala del Papa of the monumental Dominican building complex of Santa Maria Novella.
    • There were also an exhibition of paintings, collages and cartoons by the creative group.
    • The competition saw some original ideas in the form of cartoons and intricate designs woven by hands-on-hands in the ‘mehndi’ section.
    • Because his reputation as a portraitist was growing, it is not surprising that an incentive was necessary to lure him back to painting tapestry cartoons.
    • He then pricked this tracing through with a pin, following the standard workshop technique for transferring working drawings or cartoons to canvases.
    • However, it is unquestionably by a later sixteenth-century artist, who presumably painted it after Bronzino's cartoon.
    • Disgruntled and angry, Michelangelo gave the Leda and its cartoon to his pupil Antonio Mini, who took both images to France.
    • He constantly reworked his concepts in drawings and in the final cartoons, as well as in oil studies.
    • The creation of the tapestry cartoons, which vary in size but measure approximately eleven by sixteen feet, involved a tremendous outlay of manpower.
    • The cartoons were shipped to Peshawar, Pakistan, and woven.
    • The former made cartoons for windows depicting Adam and Eve in 1865 and the latter in 1857 and 1865.