Translation of cartouche in Spanish:


cartucho, n.

Pronunciation /kɑrˈtuʃ/ /kɑːˈtuːʃ/


  • 1

    cartucho masculine
    • In fact, the inscriptions in the cartouches at the top of each scroll were taken from Genshin's treatise.
    • The cartouche or oval ring enclosing the name of Tutankhamun was found on objects throughout his tomb.
    • Champollion wondered if the first hieroglyph in the cartouche, the disc, might represent the sun, and then he assumed its sound value to be that of the Coptic word for sun, ‘ra’.
    • As the son and successor of King Huni and Meresankh I, he was the first king to use the oval cartouche, as opposed to the rectangular serekh, to frame his name when it was written down.
    • But there in her sanctuary, I could still find her name inscribed in her cartouche, the ring of eternity.
    • A preliminary examination of one of the stelae revealed that it was divided into two parts, the upper section bearing the cartouche of Amenemhet III - who ruled in about 1800 BC.
  • 2

    cartela feminine
    • The exceptionally well-proportioned case of richly figured mahogany original except for the cartouche, finials, feet, and dial-arch molding, is a monument to the rococo style.
    • The plaster frieze with cartouches and swags of fruit and the luminous stained-glass panels over the windows give the room a baroque glamour.
    • He hit upon the idea after noticing that an image on the cartouche above the hall's south steps looked a bit like a gnome.
    • As the Vincennes factory was originally set up to rival the products of Meissen, the gilding around the front cartouche is still in the Meissen style with its bat wings, trellis, and stiff peaks.