Translation of cartridge paper in Spanish:

cartridge paper

papel de dibujo, n.


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    papel de dibujo masculine
    • You need ordinary envelopes and cheap cartridge paper or newsprint.
    • The fine tones of watercolors are recreated on top-quality cartridge paper, identical to the original, according to company officials.
    • So how did you get into this business, I ask, as he sets up a crisp new sheet of white cartridge paper on his easel.
    • I'd intended to draw it first on cartridge paper, then watercolour it on watercolour paper, but I decided that would take too long and that I would colour the first version using pencils.
    • The top ones were drawn on cartridge paper and then painted in watercolour using sepia colour paint, and the bottom ones were painted straight onto watercolour paper using light red.
    • We had to draw on newsprint because there wasn't enough cartridge paper to go round.
    • Once upstairs, she found a wooden door marked with an A4 piece of cartridge paper, decorated with glitter and sequins and spelling out her first name in finger-painted letters.
    • We will send you a great new Audi Blogbond beautifully presented on blank A4 cartridge paper - for a one-off payment of only £5.74.
    • They were squatted all along the river bank with oversized pads of cartridge paper and soft dark pencils.
    • It all began with a large sheet of blank cartridge paper calling to be filled with images.
    • We set up a painting station under our gazebo - laying out newspapers, cartridge paper, water buckets, paint bottles and brush holders.
    • The first cartoon strip submitted for publication in 1981 was drawn in pen and ink on cartridge paper and about three times larger than the printed size.
    • The only thing ringing in her head was the scratching of the pencil lead on the cartridge paper.