Translation of carve in Spanish:


tallar, v.

Pronunciation /kɑrv/ /kɑːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wood/stone) tallar
    (figure/bust) esculpir
    (figure/bust) tallar
    (initials) grabar
    the statue was carved from / out of a single block la estatua fue esculpida / tallada en un solo bloque
    • birds carved in / out of wood pájaros tallados / esculpidos en madera
    • the names were carved in(to) the desktops los nombres estaban grabados en los pupitres
    • they carved an existence from that harsh land extrajeron su sustento de aquella tierra inhóspita
    • Next to them, several workers were carefully fine tuning the gongs to their designated tones, while the rest of the workers were carving intricate designs on wooden gong holders.
    • Students are now ready to carve their designs into their linoleum blocks and make their test prints on paper.
    • I think it's unfair to call it a ‘fake’ since we don't know who carved the inscription or why.
    • The earliest blocks were made of wood into which a design was carved.
    • David Dewey carved inscriptions and floor numbers into the marble wall facings.
    • From here I could see designs were carved into the hilts.
    • Intricate designs were carved into the balustrades and columns.
    • He drummed on the table for a long, silent moment while Brandark carved a fresh design, then glanced sideways at Tothas.
    • When Queequeg miraculously recovered, he carved exotic designs on his coffin and used it as a sea chest.
    • Lemaire did not notice that the first part of the inscription is carved by a different hand than that of the second part.
    • Students used sharpened dowel rods to carve designs in the pot and lid.
    • Skillfully, he carved an inscription, blew away the stray pieces of tree bark, and stood back to look at it.
    • Flat designs were carved into the walls, intricate mosaics the same golden color as the bricks.
    • The artist uses clay loop tools, which are the same tools used to sculpt with clay, to carefully carve the design into the pumpkin.
    • Artists now have the means to embellish gourds with paint, beads, charms and buttons, as well as proper tools to wood burn and carve designs into the plant.
    • On all the chairs he makes he carves his initials into them to prove their authenticity.
    • Sydall carved his initials ES, those of his son GS, and the date 1585 over the solid oak front door where they can still be seen.
    • She slowed when she neared the tree where he'd carved their initials and carved a heart around them, stopping to trace it with that little light the moon allowed her.
    • It's an attractive building, dark carved wood contrasting with the white sand.
    • The lavish silk upholstery and carved wood and ivory in the ‘palace on wheels’ make the current Royal train look austere by comparison.
    • The exhibition features a stunning array of sculpture, using welded metal, carved wood, ceramics and experimental media.
    • The wood was carved with designs and went perfectly with the fluffy sheets and blankets that the king and queen enjoyed.
    • The principal items for sale to tourists were mangy-looking fur hats and purses, Kashmiri embroidered felt rugs and tea cozies, and carved walking sticks.
    • Sylvia, who was known for her beautifully hand carved walking sticks, offered to make him a handsome oak staff.
    • Trained as an architect, Longhurst has been carving wood and stone since 1976.
    • Copper, horses, and cloth were also traded for gold, malagueta pepper, carved ivory, and ebony.
    • The board is carved in the baroque style of ornament, and resembles very closely the black, lettered placards erected in whitewashed country churches.
    • The person who answered the door was the artist, Yelton, who had even carved a talking stick for the Queen about 10 years ago.
    • I carve stone with every tool I can grasp, from hammers and chisels, pneumatic tools, diamond grinders and cutters, even diamond chain saws.
    • I've seen a man carve the excess wood off a figure's hipbone, while others wait patiently on an assembly line.
    • The drawings themselves will be used to produce the zinc templates from which workmen in the Minster stoneyard will work when they begin to carve the replacement stones.
    • He returned to interests that had captured his attention when he was a teenager, had visited museums to gaze at statues, and had tried carving wood.
    • Emnei walked into this room as well and dropped a small curtsey to the regal figure carving a red crystal while singing to herself softly.
    • In between working as a stockman, Possum had begun carving wood.
    • Quiet evenings at home are spent carving ivory or bone, or playing string games like cat's cradle.
    • So whether the knife was just for eating, or was a specific tool just for carving wood, it still had to be made well.
    • The aging man didn't seem to mind company while he carved the stone into the likenesses of his father and sister.
    • We got some sandstone, and carved a large stone memorial for each of them.
  • 2

    (meat) cortar
    (meat) trinchar
    (slice) cortar
    • Using a sharp knife, carve the fillet into wafer thin slices.
    • Let stand for 5 minutes before carving the meat off the upright carcass.
    • The food fares well in terms of freshness, quantity and effort, and there's a made-to-order pasta bar and a station where roast beef is carved before your eyes.
    • The chef's station will also carve roast beef or make fresh pasta to order, with loads of ingredients to customize your plate.
    • The general manager was carving the meat, and became concerned about having enough for other patrons, John said.
    • Back in Aix dinner was served at the restaurant Chez Maxime, where Maxime himself was very much in evidence as he carved the meat and talked with customers.
    • Prometheus plays a trick on Zeus: he carves the meat and sets out servings, putting a tempting piece of meat on top of a pile of bones, and a nasty looking piece of skin on top of a pile of good meat.
    • To serve, carve meat and serve with sauce from pan, mash and green vegetables.
    • It wasn't just that no other country knew how to carve it or cook it properly - with plenty of lard - but that they mucked about with their food to hide its taste because it was of inferior quality.
    • He would sharpen a knife for a full five minutes before carving the roast.
    • Put the turkey on a warmed serving plate and leave it to stand before you carve it.
    • Half-past one on the dot, after my dad had returned from the pub, the joint of meat would be ceremoniously carved.
    • The white meat in it had been carved a quarter of an inch thick.
    • Nothing was served except meat, which the diners carved from the roast with their knives.
    • Bernard stood in the corner of the room watching Ronald carve the turkey he was supposed to have caught, killed, skinned, and cut himself.
    • Leave meat to stand for 3-4 minutes before carving.
    • Gigot, well flavoured and well timed, is carved at the table with concentrated panache.
    • These are in large warmers and again the meat had been carved thickly, none of this wafer thin slices swimming in gravy that is sometimes served up as a British roast dinner.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    cortar la carne
    trinchar la carne