Translation of carve-up in Spanish:


reparto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑrvˌəp/


informal, derogatory
  • 1

    reparto masculine
    • Trieste simultaneously became Italian and lost its livelihood with the carve-up of the Austro-Hungarian empire it had once serviced.
    • A pre-ordained carve-up is impossible because the issue will be decided only when the existing 30 member clubs vote in a secret ballot, and clubs rarely reveal their true intentions, even to one another.
    • Her father was a Royalist involved in the resistance against those who collaborated with the Germans during the Second World War over the carve-up of Yugoslavia.
    • If one of the three deals mooted last Friday goes ahead, the number of companies involved in the carve-up of the network will have dropped by nearly two-thirds since the early 1990s.
    • Advertising executives had speculated that the two companies might discuss a carve-up of Aegis, which would be too large for Havas.
    • We do support it, if it is a merger, a partnership, and not a takeover or a carve-up.
    • Although it's meant to be a showcase of the best music around, in reality it's a carve-up between the major record companies.
    • It will be interesting to see who gets what in the jobs carve-up, but that won't distract from the terrible financials.
    • It was an almighty carve-up in which the knives were left on show.
    • Now that the election is over, the carve-up has well and truly begun.
    • Alec has tried to find out what the proposed carve-up will be but the information has not been forthcoming from government.
    • But the company is understood to have held a last-ditch meeting with the Competition Commission to argue its case thought to include a carve-up of a 479-store portfolio.
    • What the current negotiations are really about is the carve-up of contracts.
    • But not everyone is happy with the carve-up of funds.
    • It used to be that state and territory treasurers slugged it out with the federal treasurer over the carve-up of the Commonwealth's tax cake.
    • What we have at the moment is a political carve-up, with Ministers exercising majority-rule within their own domains.
    • But the real losers in such a carve-up would be the world's poorest.
    • The carve-up of Leichhardt Council has been put on hold following a Land and Environment Court ruling.
    • In return for playing a secondary role in the occupation other powers may hope to reap some of the rewards from the corporate carve-up.
    • Furthermore, there appears to be little appetite for a company carve-up, right now.