Translation of carving knife in Spanish:

carving knife

trinchante, n.


  • 1

    trinchante masculine
    cuchillo de trinchar masculine
    • However, large domestic implements such as cleavers, boning knives and carving knives would be exempt from the law and could still be bought by 16-year-olds.
    • She sharpened the meat carving knife on a whetstone.
    • I stared at my reflection in the blade of my carving knife.
    • Her hands, clad in a pair of pink rubber gloves, held a carving knife, its blade dripping red.
    • She replaced the bread knife Kirstie had been holding with a wide-bladed carving knife. ‘You may make coleslaw instead, if you wish.’
    • He was stabbed three times with a two-inch carving knife but continues to recover well.
    • A massive meat fork was produced, along with a carving knife, and Mark and Julie's father carved the turkey.
    • The victim took up a carving knife (later she said it was the bread knife) and threatened her.
    • Then grab your carving knives and carefully go at it - just make sure parents are supervising because this can be pretty dangerous!
    • The finish is worn and there are spots from too-hot casseroles and scratches from wayward carving knives.
    • I'd considered one of the carving knives, but decided it would be too awkward to carry, and too easily missed.
    • Butchers do this with their huge carving knives, but you've got to be pretty nifty to do it with a pocket knife.
    • Most domestic kitchen knives are based on two designs, the dagger variety with a pointed tip - for example, vegetable knife or carving knife - and the blunt round nose variety - for example, bread knife.
    • There was a chap at the door with a carving knife, he had a hood up and a scarf over his mouth and nose.
    • With a smile, Mary held up the large carving knife.
    • ‘Listen I need you go to your room; I remember seeing a carving knife in there, bring it to me please,’ she said.
    • He held the large carving knife in his right hand.
    • After he said that he pulled out a long carving knife.
    • Either way, he hadn't come with a carving knife… that she could see.
    • ‘He went upstairs to calm things down, whereupon one of my tenants picked up a carving knife and stabbed him,’ she says.