There are 2 main translations of case in Spanish

: case1case2


caso, n.

Pronunciation /keɪs/

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  • 1

    caso masculine
    the Greene case el caso Greene
    • police are investigating several cases of fraud la policía está investigando varios casos de estafa
    • to dismiss a case sobreseer una causa
    • to hear a case conocer de una causa
    • to lose/win a case perder/ganar un pleito / juicio
    • the workers' case has been taken up by the papers los periódicos se han hecho eco de la causa de los obreros
    • an open-and-shut case un caso claro
    • to make a federal case out of sth hacer un drama de algo
  • 2

    • 2.1Medicine

      caso masculine
      two cases of meningitis, two meningitis cases dos casos de meningitis
      • the doctor said he was a hopeless case el médico dijo que no tenía cura
      • The most severe cases are medical emergencies and require the skilled care of a physician in hospital to avoid death.
      • Severe cases require treatment in hospital with antibiotics.
      • Less than one per cent of the substantiated cases required medical care for broken bones or head trauma.
      • Hospitals were requested to provide copies of the medical records of potential cases.
      • Hundreds of contacts of the suspected cases are under medical surveillance, at least five of whom have developed fevers.
      • More cases than controls saw a gynaecologist or an obstetrician and cases had more prenatal visits.
      • The nurse would direct the more serious cases to a general practitioner.
      • Most of those patients are run of the mill cases that a medical student could handle.
      • In addition, it is effective in cases requiring radical surgery of malignant tumors.
      • So far, more than two thirds of cases have required advice only.
      • King Edward Hospital in Perth centred on the treatment of obstetrics and gynaecology cases.
      • It has been estimated that the general practitioner sees about five cancer cases yearly.
      • Cholesterol clefts were shown on biopsy in all four cases, and eosinophilia was noted in three.
      • We had our fracture ward upstairs full of cases immobilised in full plaster casts.
      • The sanctuary takes in cruelty and abuse cases and regularly receives referrals from the police.
      • Four out of the five Indian cases with septicaemia or meningitis had a fatal outcome.
      • We know where the chronic heart disease cases are going to be.
      • Most of these cases had contracted the disease some time ago and are only now starting treatment.
      • Another complicating factor is whether or not psychiatric cases are included in the casualty figures.
      • We recently admitted two cases of tuberculous meningitis to our hospital within a week.
      • Diabetes and hypertension are the underlying causes in most cases of chronic kidney disease.
      • But he said a lot of work was being done to raise awareness and combat rising cases of diseases like chlamydia in the town.
      • How many cases of mumps, measles, or rubella would the lack of vaccination of this number of children produce?
      • They believe their children are suffering from undiagnosed cases of brittle bone disease.
      • Two cases of primary malignant melanoma of the common bile duct were reported in 1991.
      • Recent well-publicised cases of the disease highlight the point that this epidemic will not go away on its own.
      • They said she had a case of chicken pox and some sort of allergy.
      • In cases of typhoid fever caused by salmonella bacteria, early symptoms are the same.
      • There are about 200 cases of Legionnaires' Disease in England each year.
      • He said although new cases of foot-and-mouth disease had dramatically reduced he still had to be extra cautious.
      • There is no sign of a slowdown in new cases of the disease.
      • Almost 30 new cases of the disease were detected as a result of the screening programme.
      • There had previously been only four cases of the disease diagnosed in Scotland this year.
      • At least 75 cases of dengue fever have been detected in hospitals in the city in the last week, the sources said.
      • Although smaller in number, incidences of gonorrhea and genital warts rose, while there was a fall in cases of herpes and syphilis.
      • With current medications most cases of both types of cancer in kids and teens are curable.
      • He called on the need for a healthy diet so as to prevent cases of malnutrition and anaemia, especially among women in India.
      • He has been suffering from a chronic case of Mud Fever ever since we bought him 6 months ago.
      • She normally only saw one case of the virus a year.
      • Only two of the team were not affected by an appalling case of food poisoning on the day of the final.

    • 2.2 informal (pitiable person)

      caso masculine
      he's a mental case está loco de remate / de atar informal
      • don't trust her with it, she's a hopeless case no se lo confíes a ella, es un caso perdido
      • the man next door's a sad case el del vecino es un caso digno de lástima

    • 2.3 dated (eccentric)

      caso masculine informal
      my aunt's a real case mi tía es un caso informal
      • I checked out the whole joint, mate, and the verdict is in: you're a case.
      • "He's a case," said Father Jerry.
      • She's a case and a half. You love to hate her don't you?

  • 3

    (instance, situation)
    caso masculine
    a clear case of bias un caso claro de parcialidad
    • it was a case of love at first sight fue el clásico flechazo
    • it was a case of doing what we were told era cuestión de hacer lo que se nos mandara
    • in Martin's case en el caso de Martin
    • in the case of Martin en el caso de Martin
    • in her case en su caso
    • in most cases en la mayoría de los casos
  • 4

    to make (out) a case for sth/-ing exponer los argumentos a favor de algo/para + inf
    the case for the prosecution la acusación
    • the case for the defense la defensa
    • she has a good/strong case sus argumentos son buenos/poderosos
    • there is a case for leniency/for doing nothing hay razones para ser indulgente/para no hacer nada
    • They will also argue an economic case against membership.
    • He has travelled literally thousands of miles to argue the case against war and occupation.
    • If disaster movies are to be the new currency of scientific debate, who will make the case against alarmism?
    • Reading his book I began to recall other exercises in arguing the case for state control.
    • He sets out the case against posting someone else's personal email address.
    • He makes a strong case for the fact that dealing with loss is the key to dealing with life.
    • He takes pains to limit the range and reach of his case against censorship.
    • No group will have the funds or organization to make the case against any revenue cap.
    • I presume you will give equal prominence to the case against the euro.
    • Such a view is not unreasonable and I am certainly not about to make a case against rights in general.
    • Waving banners and flags, protesters cheered and shouted as speakers put across the case against war.
    • The case against them, let alone against the government itself, is unproven.
    • The case against is that soppy makeover shows are not what the BBC is there for.
    • Speakers at this meeting put the case against the proposed handing over of council housing stock.
    • The only case against anonymity for all accused until found guilty is that it would sell fewer papers.
    • Few will be moved by its case against the company today, even though the grievance is genuine.
    • We therefore consider there is a case for retaining the complex monopoly provisions and propose to do so.
    • It is telling the people of New Zealand that they will not be allowed to hear him put his case in his own words.
    • A wealth of studies indicate that a good case can be made for the first of these claims.
    • Our application will be considered on its merits and we have confidence in our case.
  • 5

    caso masculine
    • They had at least as many noun cases to contend with as Latin speakers did, as well.
    • Only relatively recently did grammarians begin a debate over noun cases in English.
    • Do common cases become conventionalized as new senses for the words involved?
    • Let us start by explaining all of the seven Croatian grammatical cases.
    • The nominal part of this prepositional phrase is not in the nominative case.

There are 2 main translations of case in Spanish

: case1case2


caja, n.

Pronunciation /keɪs/


  • 1

    caja de 12 botellas (crate)
    caja feminine
    cajón masculine
    jaba feminine Peru, Chile
    • Beer and milk may be sold in crates but, contrary to popular usage, wine is sold in cases.
    • At Tesco in Oldham, she was sold a case of 12 bottles of Stella lager.
    • A case of beer, a case of wine, and six bottles of Wild Turkey were disposed of in merciless fashion.
    • But police and customs officers later seized cases of lager and wine that had been illegally imported.
    • Authorities say the suspects made off with thousands of cases of beer and wine before they were caught.
    • We buy a whole case of champagne but we are not going to drink it… just for you but we are not going to drink it.
    • Loyal customers deserve a change from the usual cases of wine and gift vouchers.
    • Prizes were given to lucky winners and those ordering cases of wine.
    • Irish wine consumers now buy over five million cases of wine a year.
    • Just fill in the voting form and you'll be automatically entered into a draw to win one of 20 cases of luxury wines.
    • Some sent cash enclosed in unsigned birthday cards, while another showed his thanks via a couple of cases of wine.
    • They produce a miniscule two and a half, to three thousand cases of wine a year.
    • For example, the top thirty chateaux in Bordeaux only produce half a million cases of wine in any one year.
    • In fact, they pour so many free samples that they end up giving away 35,000 cases of wine a year.
    • With it comes a case of wine that steers the taster through a range of styles and regions.
    • My friend James got a good deal on a couple of cases of wine but the only room he had for storage was in his loft.
    • Identify the wines you like and ask your local wine shop what price a case of 12 bottles would be.
    • Some 500,000 nine-litre cases are sold annually, making it second only to Glenfiddich.
    • Whereas I know people who can drink cases of beer and it doesn't affect them; I don't know how they do it.
    • The best advice is to taste a wine by buying a single bottle before you commit to several bottles or a case.
    • It is posited that the case contains 12 bottles because that is as many as a man can comfortably carry.
    • Many English longcase clocks had cases designed in the style of the period in which they were made.
    • I explained to her that the case held a CD-R containing files for work that I wanted to take home and work on overnight.
    • Among the sofas I encounter a perspex case containing a sleek-looking chair.
    • A fireproof case which had contained the masterpiece was open to the public but without the painting.
    • Antique tools displayed in cases designed by Roger are found in their home in La Jolla.
    • The case contains a single liner card without a spine to enable identification when shelved.
    • She was now sporting a pair of dark sunglasses and taking a cigarette out of a silver case.
    • My treasures are stored on a magnetic disk for the most part, and on silver disks in CD-ROM cases.
    • Shane showed us inside of the big barn, a glut of huge machines, cases, and containers.
    • I put the camera into the case and stubbed the cigarette, which was, by then, my fifth.
    • She sat down and extracted a silver cigarette case from a small handbag hidden amongst the folds of her enormous dress.
    • Glasses should be stored in individual cases or sleeves to protect them from damage.
    • Prices take a leap in the case of unadorned, silver cases by the legendary Faberge.
    • They never stay in their cases or wrapping resulting in soap suds and gunk everywhere.
    • It comes with a protective carrying case and software.
    • Like the miniature, they were mounted under glass with a gilded surround in a handsome and ornate protective case.
    • This rod comes in a cloth bag and a heavy duty protective case which can be taken on your airline as hand luggage.
    • You get five discs and each comes in its own case with nice looking sleeves.
    • The reliability of waterproof cases could be greatly improved if more manufacturers incorporated two independent seals.
    • They reminded me of those toys they used to sell in protective plastic cases.
    • Joey held the map in one hand and had his violin case gripped firmly in the other.
  • 2

    (hard container)
    (for small objects) estuche feminine
    (for large objects) caja feminine
    (soft container) funda feminine
  • 3

    (soft container)
    funda feminine
  • 4British

    maleta feminine
    petaca feminine Mexico
    valija feminine River Plate
  • 5attaché case

    maletín masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to case the joint reconocer el terreno
    • I'd been casing this neglected place for weeks.
    • If you see a guy who looks like a burglar casing the joint - that will be me!
    • This individual was casing the area for a burglary that took place on the 26th.
    • Is she casing the joint in preparation for a future robbery?
    • How do we exclude them from people who are simply casing the joint so they can commit a robbery?
    • He is standing in the hall, casing the area.
    • I snooped about, casing the area for suspicious activity.
    • She had somehow heard through the local grapevine that he was going to be flying in and out of this airfield, and she had been casing the area for hours.
    • He cased a target location in the beginning of November, then decided to carry out his plan in the outdoor parking lot next to the Railway Station.
    • The area is buzzing with talk of American security men casing local streets, pubs and hotels.
    • A slight 23-year-old for whom the term ‘lairy geezer’ could have been minted, he ambles on stage and gets to work as casually as if he was casing your living room for stuff to nick.
    • After casing the joint and setting up a fence for the goods, the gang goes about a late night break-in and precision burglary.
    • After spending two weeks casing the joint, they rob it on Christmas Eve.
    • I could have smiled and waved and established a nice friendship, but instead I pretended not to see them and peered into windows and looked over my shoulder nervously as if I was casing the joint.
    • A credit check for an unfamiliar loan or lease could be a sign a thief is casing your credit history.
    • Was it a burglar casing our house to see if anyone would be around to catch him?
    • Of course, what all of this means is that the thieves cased the joint during the day and came back that night to make their heist.
    • He was in the habit of doing crossword puzzles while casing premises prior to breaking and entering, and would always obligingly leave them behind for police to find.
    • But in a gross violation of their trust, Williams spent the fortnight casing the house, working out where keys were kept to the safe and what possessions they had.
    • He had fallen asleep after casing the apartment for hours.