Translation of casebook in Spanish:


registro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪsˌbʊk/ /ˈkeɪsbʊk/


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    registro masculine
    • Written in a lucid, reader-friendly way, the casebook is targeted at all mental health professionals.
    • Data concerning medical complications were taken from the women's casebooks.
    • The name Sheldon appears alongside those of Shakespeare's friends in Warwickshire indentures and conveyances, and in the medical casebook of Shakespeare's son-in-law, Dr John Hall of Stratford.
    • These poems read like some private investigator's casebook in which it soon becomes apparent that he's forgotten who's employing him, why he was employed, and what the hell is going on.
    • Another good read is Attention to Detail (Jacqui Small, £25) which is just that: a casebook of solutions to the question of design details that is functional as well as decorative.
    • His dodgy memoirs are ultimately more thrilling than the open-and-shut casebook of Sherlock Holmes.
    • One Tayside GP, who wanted to remain anonymous, opened his casebook on recent patients to Scotland on Sunday.
    • The casebook of Chief Detective Inspector Robert Fabian of Scotland Yard.
    • He supplies the obligatory introductory material before providing four meaty chapters fashioned in the style of casebooks.
    • Despite her clinical background, though, Bloom wanted to keep the curious, humanist tone of the essay, rather than creating a psychological casebook.
    • You can read more about it in a rich online casebook published, like the novel itself, by Dalkey Archive.
    • The plot is strained and the back-stories of deprivation can feel like a counsellor's casebook, yet most of the characters have the ring of truth and Coghlan has an ear for street talk.
    • Dr Finlay's casebook has been replaced by a bulky shares portfolio, but that does not mean the medical profession is in thrall to market forces - quite the reverse.
    • Friends refused to give up and studied Holmes's casebook.
    • Much of what I read in Mousley's casebook did not seem relevant to my experience of reading Donne's religious works.