Translation of cash in Spanish:


dinero (en) efectivo, n.

Pronunciation /kæʃ/ /kaʃ/


  • 1

    (notes and coins)
    dinero (en) efectivo masculine
    (payment) (before noun) en efectivo
    (refund) al contado
    I'll bank this cash voy a depositar este dinero en el banco
    • we pay cash for gold compramos oro al contado
    • (in) cash en efectivo
    • I have $100 (in) cash tengo 100 dólares en efectivo / metálico
    • how much have you in cash? ¿cuánto dinero en efectivo tienes?
    • how much cash have you? ¿cuánto dinero en efectivo tienes?
    • cash only pagos únicamente al contado
    • pay cash páguese al portador
    • hard cash dinero constante y sonante
    • cold cash dinero constante y sonante
    • cash on the barrelhead dinero contante y sonante
    • he paid hard / cold cash on the barrelhead pagó con dinero contante y sonante
    • cash offer oferta de pago en efectivo / al contado
    • cash price precio al contado
    • cash prize premio en metálico / en dinero efectivo
    • Entities having cash credit accounts or bill accounts can now make repayments of their credit facilities in cash instead of a cheque or draft.
    • You can take Traveller cheques, cash, and a credit card.
    • In the finance office, the main coffer lock was detonated, damaging all papers, including vouchers, promissory notes, cash and cheque box.
    • Your best bet is to buy your bonds directly from a bank or credit union, using cash or money in an existing account.
    • Most of us are only familiar with a few ways to spend money: cash, checks and credit cards.
    • Giving me my money as cash or a cheque, so that I can go and exchange that money for goods and services.
    • If you need to be really strict with yourself, take cash (not cheques or credit cards) to shops so you can't spend more than you'd planned to.
    • The days when cash, a cheque or a promissory note were the only methods of payment have passed.
    • When it comes to making major purchases, credit cards are far safer than cash or cheques.
    • Most credit cards and travellers' cheques are widely accepted, as are cash notes of the world's major trading currencies.
    • Wallets containing cash, credit cards and documents have also been taken from lockers and police report cases have increased in the last two months
    • The bag contained £10 in cash as well as credit cards, a cheque book, sunglasses, documents and a small leather purse.
    • The men made off towards Sheen Road with the bag containing cash and cheques, a mobile phone and credit cards.
    • He took the victim's wallet containing cash and credit cards, and left the house.
    • The account is then settled with cash, travellers cheques or a credit card at the end of the week.
    • Payment by the bidders will have to be in cash or bank guaranteed cheques.
    • The cheques were deposited in the account and the money later withdrawn with cash cheques.
    • The $200 deposit can be made using travellers cheques, credit card or cash.
    • The police also recovered Rs 30,000 cash and 29 coins from the box.
    • These accounts don't offer checking services, which means that bill paying must be done with cash or money orders.
  • 2informal

    (money, funds)
    dinero masculine
    lana feminine Latin America informal
    plata feminine South America informal
    tela feminine Spain informal
    • Health bosses said the shortage has been heightened by practices going private, claiming demand and lack of cash was affecting their ability to treat patients.
    • A county council spokesman said the fund was not short of cash for paying pensioners.
    • The Group remains in a negative cashflow position as it used its available cash to finance capital expenditure and retire debt.
    • The lack of cash to fund the relatively new treatment has prompted Gavin's mother, Margaret, to write to politicians and the hospital for an explanation.
    • The former Sunday school building in Stanley Street, which is owned by Pendle Council, was threatened with closure last year due to a lack of cash to fund repairs.
    • The fund was set up this year to address a perceived lack of venture capital cash for firms looking for investments of between £2m-5m.
    • A lack of venture capital cash has forced the company to look abroad for partners to develop its lead product, a treatment for cystic fibrosis.
    • Despite living in an affluent suburb, nine mouths to feed meant the family was always scratching around for cash.
    • They say that patience pays - which probably explains why I'm always short of cash.
    • At the same time, the push is on for private contributions of cash.
    • Little is made of the fact that household cash and savings deposits rose 8.3 per cent year-on-year in September.
    • But it has been criticised for handing out large amounts of taxpayers' cash to wealthy private individuals.
    • Over the past three years, insurers have seriously depleted their reserves of cash, which they will need to build back up again.
    • Money is divided into cash for the most deprived areas, the second most deprived and projects to benefit all.
    • For those short on cash, down payments are not required for the program.
    • Nine months later, they are nearing profitability and have substantial cash reserves to fund growth.
    • The trade association said most shoppers had been left short of cash to purchase domestic goods because of escalating house prices.
    • Musicals are notoriously expensive, and a lack of cash tends to compromise their look and our enjoyment.
    • Aid was being hampered only by the civil war and the difficulty of getting resources to the area, not by lack of cash.
    • The Ellenor Foundation can turn old mobile phones, used postage stamps, empty toner and ink cartridges and foreign coins and notes into cash.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (check) cobrar
    to go to the bank to cash a check ir al banco a cobrar un cheque
    • I'll cash the check for you yo te cambio el cheque
    • After a phone call, they informed me that if I went into Kitchener, the post office there would have the money to cash the money order.
    • If we are going to be cashing cheques for the bank, we could not face the cut in payment.
    • But as soon as he had finished laughing all the way to the bank and cashed the cheque, he was arrested on 24 counts of arson.
    • She agreed to buy a pair of scissors for £9, but when the cheque was cashed at a bank it had been altered to £99.
    • Cook had just been in and was en route to the bank to cash a cheque.
    • The clerk says it could be two weeks before I hear whether someone has cashed the money order.
    • He had cashed the money orders and spent them, and he wasn't even in the house like he was supposed to be.
    • Turnovers decreased, customers requested banking services such as cashing cheques, and there were difficulties with keeping appropriate levels and denominations of change.
    • It is, further, the practice of many banks to cash cheques presented by a customer to a branch other than that with which he maintains his account.
    • Recently there has been a spate of robberies against senior citizens who go to the bank to cash their pension cheques.
    • Then there are people who live in far away places where there are no facilities such as banks and the cost of travelling to cash their cheques is far beyond what they receive.
    • ‘I had problems cashing my traveller's cheques, the banks were closed and, for four days, I had no currency,’ said Alex.
    • His whole game is built around high intensity and energy, and McManus deposits work in the bank to allow his body to cash cheques on the field.
    • Under the new regulations, all payees must present some form of photographic ID in order to cash URP cheques.
    • He turned out not only not to have any bulbs - his intention apparently was to steal them to order - but he failed to do even that before cashing the cheques.
    • Once on holiday, it is likely that a second commission charge will be levied when cashing the cheques.
    • Hamilton says it was unintentional and points out that the cheques were cashed at different times, but he did receive double his expense back.
    • What's more, some foreign banks charge fees of up to 6% for cashing travellers' cheques, so check before you hand over your cheques to the cashier!
    • As an airline co-pilot he could readily cash a wage cheque and date the best bank tellers at the same time.
    • We would ask people to be especially careful when cashing cheques, particularly third party ones or from people they do not know.