Translation of cash-rich in Spanish:


con mucho dinero en caja, adj.

Pronunciation /kæʃˈrɪtʃ/


  • 1

    (company) con mucho dinero en caja
    (immigrant) con mucho dinero en efectivo
    (immigrant) con mucho dinero en mano informal
    • The cash-rich company has diverted attention from its lack of new products with blockbuster payouts.
    • The actor plays the surgeon who is more interested in getting himself in media limelight and gathering money for the cash-rich hospital.
    • For the sake of the broader economy, the hope would be that cash-rich firms won't just buy up other companies.
    • The gut of this team was ripped out by cash-rich clubs with ambitions that now lie way beyond Arsenal's station.
    • The strong performance of luxury brands has made them a target for cash-rich buyers seeking recognition as well as returns.
    • Gangsters, flushed from their cash-rich casinos, fled to the sunny beaches of Florida.
    • In many divorces, the more powerful cash-rich parent often influences their children in how they treat the other parent and the parent's family.
    • Cash-rich banks still won't lend to families and firms despite borrowing £4.4 billion.
    • This company is not alone in suffering from increasing competition for assets from cash-rich national oil companies and for industry project "action" from the increasingly influential oil services sector.
    • With $45 billion in cash and only around $16 billion in long-term debt, the company is another cash-rich tech company that a dividend investor can rely on for yield.
    • They don't need to borrow because they're cash-rich.