Translation of cash flow in Spanish:

cash flow

flujo de caja, n.


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    flujo de caja masculine
    cash-flow masculine
    cash flow problem problema de liquidez
    • These groups like the stable cash flow from rental income such pubs provide.
    • If a company is booking revenue and its cash flow is strong, then it has flexibility.
    • Each option allows a small business to buy a computer without affecting its monthly cash flow.
    • Thank God I'm self-employed and it's tax deductible, but it still affects the old cash flow.
    • Then our analysts look at the company's business franchise, its business model and its cash flow.
    • Now this would not have a detrimental effect on the cash flow because the money has already been spent.
    • We do know that the university has admitted that their cash flow will be affected by millions.
    • The cash flow from their business dries up as few people in the area have any disposable income.
    • With a monopoly, you get to generate a large cash flow from rental of all the properties.
    • It was therefore obvious that the cash flow of the business was from inception a critical matter.
    • Often a small business will find that it is unable to repay creditors due to a cash flow crunch.
    • Businesses often have sufficient cash flow to service a level of debt in excess of the senior secured debt.
    • Based on its cash flow, the company is trading at a significant discount to its peers.
    • Finally, a firm will need to determine the method of managing its cash flow during the period of the investment.
    • What if your cash flow is so low or sales are down so much that you feel you must change the comp plan?
    • He said the bank would need to look at the cash flow of the applicant before offering such a service.
    • Instead it was happy grow organically and to return the additional cash flow to shareholders.
    • I can see now that the deficits in my cash flow had a lot to do with defects in my understanding of money.
    • The big peak and the big trough of provisional tax hammers the cash flow of small to medium sized enterprises.
    • It is very easy to over-stretch resources - not just cash flow but people and other assets too.