Translation of cash register in Spanish:

cash register

caja registradora, n.


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    caja registradora feminine
    • I walked quickly back to the counter and pulled out a piece of paper and pen from a drawer below the cash register.
    • You're more likely to end up with dust on the countertops than money in the cash register.
    • There was a time when the only type of register to be found in a supermarket was the cash register that held the money at the checkout.
    • As she took Joni's money to the cash register, she smiled at Sean over Joni's shoulders.
    • The clerk gave him the money from the cash register when she came back in.
    • A female staff member was about to enter the office with a tray of money from a cash register when a man approached her from behind.
    • Reaching slowly for her wallet, as she looked at the total on the cash register.
    • He searched staff lockers before attempting to steal a large quantity of money from an open cash register.
    • He put the soft, heavy packages on the counter while O'Malley punched the keys of the cash register.
    • The skinny one put the CDs down on top of the counter and began tapping at the cash register.
    • They walked past piles of books and to his desk where there was an old cash register and small lamp.
    • They were six deep at the cash register; two people hunched over every display in the store.
    • We made our way to the cash register and paid for them with our own, hard-earned money.
    • Then she pointed at the total that was blinking on the cash register.
    • He preferred to work out front, at the cash register, rather than back in the hot, sweaty kitchen.
    • I head to the cash register to pay for my cookies which I had, in fact, intended to buy.
    • I happened to see it sitting on a shelf, complete with my special order form, so I picked it up and took it to the cash register.
    • I opened the cash register and put the twenty in, taking out the correct change.
    • Between us, we have eleven packages of brownies when we reach Margot and the cash register.
    • There is a reason why certain products are put near the cash register.