Translation of cashcard in Spanish:


tarjeta del cajero automático, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæʃkɑrd/ /ˈkaʃkɑːd/


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    tarjeta del cajero automático feminine
    • But eventually, it would be able to perform financial functions, making it a credit card, cash card, and debit card all in one.
    • She abused his hospitality, running up a very large telephone bill, stealing his money and using his cash card and credit card.
    • I only knew the PIN for my cash card, not my credit card.
    • Many old people would have trouble with banking and using a cash card, and have been familiar with the order book system for years.
    • She said she managed to free herself from the tape binding her hands and legs and then ran for help after the two robbers dropped her in a bush while they went to take out money using her cash card.
    • Then I nipped into the town and while hunting for a bank that took my cash card, I did a quick walk around the lake.
    • This imposter is about to draw out his victim's life savings using the cash card and PIN number, but is first making sure that several witnesses can testify that I had known this number.
    • Some people simply give their cash card and their PIN number to a trusted relative or a friend to draw money for them.
    • I like the idea that they would use a prepaid or a cash card.
    • He withdrew £250 a day using a company cash card and spent almost every afternoon in the pub playing on them.
    • He stole a mobile phone, other items and a cash card that he used to withdraw £400 from a cashpoint.
    • He had very little money on him, his cash card remains unused and his mobile phone rang unanswered until the battery ran out.
    • It was reported to the police, who identified it as a sophisticated cloning device, capable of recording the magnetic identity of a cash card, as well as the pin number.
    • The man from Teddington was attempting to withdraw money from a Lloyds TSB cash machine in Clarence Street when his cash card became stuck.
    • The ‘official’ agreed to accept £1, 500 and the man was persuaded to hand over his cash card and PIN, supposedly to allow the council to take money from his account.
    • The bank involved has refused to be named and the money has not been recovered but it is believed the thief used stolen documents for the transaction - a cash card and a driving licence or passport are normally required for such large sums.
    • Her cash card was used on Wednesday, December 31, at the Barclays bank and on January 4 and 7 at the NatWest bank in English Street, Carlisle.
    • His cash card was used on the evening of his death at a cashpoint at the Asda store in Bradford Road, Huddersfield, where someone tried to withdraw £350.
    • They used highly sophisticated equipment to scan the cash card at the Barclays' machine in the High Street and then wiped out the victim's account using a laptop computer.
    • I realised in May that her Abbey cash card, which she had not used for some months, had expired, and I was worried that a new one had been sent but intercepted.