Translation of cassette tape in Spanish:

cassette tape

cinta de casete, n.


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    cinta de casete feminine
    • Just as computers killed the typewriter, the CD retired the cassette tape and copiers wiped out carbon paper, the quality and convenience of digital cameras is taking away the need - and the want - for film.
    • He says the roar was originally on a 78 record, then transferred on to a cassette tape, then a compact disc and is now stored as a digital computer sound.
    • By the 1970s the high-fidelity cassette tape had arrived; then, in the 1980s, the digital compact disc took over.
    • We believe our contest is one of the easiest to enter as all we require is a cassette tape, CD or mini disc of the song plus a copy of the lyrics.
    • One could, of course, record an audio-CD onto a cassette tape or similar analog technology at diminished quality and at performance speeds.
    • Most people are familiar with recording using a cassette tape, portable DAT recorder or a MIDI disc recorder.
    • I sit down at my desk, pop open my tape recorder, remove the cassette tape, pop it into a slot on top of my computer monitor and then take a coffee break.
    • In the early '90s when CDs began entering widespread markets, many developers predicted the sharp demise of the cassette tape, just the same way tape had virtually wiped-out vinyl.
    • Growing up in Denver, he spent hours plunked down next to his radio speaker taping individual songs that he would mix together on a cassette tape, complete with his own introductions.
    • While packing up items into various boxes, he was able to dig out an old cassette tape of various prank calls he and one of his equally immature and stupid friends made one night in high school.
    • The enforceable power of copyright laws has been steadily eroding ever since the introduction of the cassette tape took the miracle of replication away from corporations and put it in the hands of the individual.
    • Sometimes the teacher read the book aloud to the projected images but more often there was an accompanying cassette tape with a ‘ding’ to indicate when the strip should be advanced.
    • One of the great things about the cassette tape decks that first became widely available in the '70s was precisely that they allowed people to make personal mixes of prerecorded music.
    • The kiosk looked to have been someone's ongoing abode - a dirty baseball cap, punched cans, orange rinds, and a cassette tape in such a tangle that it looked animate.
    • While some people either don't have access or money to buy or make a hoop drum (I definitely recommend making your own if at all possible) most people can afford to buy a cassette tape or CD.
    • The songs sound like they were recorded on a cassette tape; the sound is muddy, boxy, and dull, with little stereo separation.
    • Needless to say, for pre-teens such as myself and my sister at that time the song was pure gold, and we immediately got a cassette tape of it.
    • Does a cassette tape of music recorded in an artist's bedroom and sold only at local record stores count as a first release?
    • Interviews were recorded on a cassette tape with the subjects' permission.
    • He reached into the glove compartment for a cassette tape and started it, but his thoughts were elsewhere.