Translation of caste in Spanish:


casta, n.

Pronunciation /kæst/ /kɑːst/


  • 1

    casta feminine
    the caste system el sistema de castas
    • In case your Hinduism is a little rusty, the Brahmans are the priest caste in traditional Hindu society.
    • Indian Christians are said to still discreetly follow pre-conversion castes of their Hindu forefathers.
    • Hindus of many castes and sects and from many parts of India have migrated, taking with them traditions that were familiar to them back home.
    • The lower status service castes are associated with hereditary crafts such as mat weaving, jewelry making, and clothes washing.
    • Traditionally there are four castes in the Hindu religion, the fifth section of society being the untouchables, so lowly they are considered outside the caste system.
    • Even when Hindus were converted to Islam, Hindus of higher caste got relatively better treatment than Hindus of the lower castes.
    • While Varna describes the four castes, Ashrama discusses the four stages of life of a Hindu.
    • The higher Hindu castes usually cremate their dead.
    • Hindu castes also play a role in the rural economy.
    • This led him to insist that as long as the Dalits and other low castes remained within the Hindu fold, they would continue to suffer.
    • Speakers said the Dalits suffer under the Hindu caste hierarchy and this move restores their self-respect.
    • The children who benefit from the scheme are Hindus of all castes, as well as Muslims and Christians.
    • It is the middle class which is intermingling with all sections and castes of the society, working together in offices, industries, business and government.
    • All three villages have a mixed population of Hindus of different castes.
    • Hindu religious theory justifies the division of society into castes, with the unavoidable differences in status and the differential access to power each one has.
    • He was born into the Brahman caste which meant he was from the highest ranking caste of Hindu priests.
    • Members of the upper castes consider the lowest castes to be ritually unclean, therefore marrying someone from a different caste, whilst not officially outlawed, is generally not recognised.
    • It is only on the level of the third, the Vaishya caste, that life is devoted primarily to the ideology of wealth.
    • Because if you are only born a Hindu, then obviously you are born into a caste.
    • Those boarding the crowded bus constitute a cross section of Indian life - Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, higher and lower castes, middle class and poor.
    • Almost half a century later their privileged lifestyle and their aura of being an exclusive caste still attracted comment.
    • He cannot do anything about his time at Eton but he must make more connections outside a privileged caste of friends.
    • A republican government does not comfortably coexist with a submerged caste within the population.
    • Everybody attaches themselves to a group, a tribe, a caste.
    • He insisted that the Soviet bureaucracy was not, as Trotsky had analyzed, a reactionary privileged caste, but rather a new ruling class.
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    sistema de castas masculine
    • The weak character of the empire came from the rigid caste system that divided people and created unstable feelings among them.
    • To do otherwise is to lock our society into a type of caste system.
    • For another, the hierarchical, non-democratic, caste systems of childhood have nothing in common with contemporary political credos.
    • It was resolved to launch a national campaign for the abolition of both the caste system and dowry because together they tended to reinforce the system of caste endogamy.
    • He added that the deeply entrenched caste system meant it was almost impossible for people of lower castes to assume any position of power.
    • This is a strange kind of caste system and women find it very hard to break.
    • The more pressing question, in fact, seems to be not whether, but how certain interracial spaces managed to survive within the racial caste system.
    • Most are from among the Untouchables in the now outlawed caste system, and regard it as their duty to pay off their parents' debts.
    • Mauritanian society is strictly divided into a rigid caste system that flies in the face of the country's supposed march towards political liberalisation.
    • In these cities and their suburbs, there is now a developed class system overlying and in many respects displacing the more traditional caste system.
    • The ideological framework of colonial Spanish America's caste system is familiar.
    • But there was precious little serious reporting on just what precisely is entailed in our economic caste system of haves and have-nots.
    • In practice, the inherited distinction between rural and urban residents produces a deeply entrenched caste system.
    • For instance, in the lower caste systems within India, is expected that children will perform manual labour to help repay family debt.
    • The caste system was obliterated legally, with one stroke of the pen, the day free India was born.
    • The caste system reflects Indian historical occupation and religiously defined hierarchies.
    • No human community ever existed in the past, nor does it exist now which does not have caste system in one form or the other.
    • While Bhutan has no caste system, a pattern of discrimination against the minority Hindus of Nepalese origin exists.
    • Historically, the society was divided along caste and color lines.
    • This caste system consists of three major parts within a colony.