Translation of casting couch in Spanish:

casting couch


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    she got the part by using the casting couch consiguió el papel obsequiándole sus favores al director de reparto euphemistic
    • Have you ever auditioned for someone and they pulled out the casting couch?
    • The formula is as old as the casting couch, but it's what you do with it that matters.
    • Has he ever personally been tempted to lure some sultry ‘marginal person’ onto the casting couch before getting them work?
    • Does this incident show the existence of the casting couch in the industry?
    • Success as a model led Chambers to Hollywood, but Marilyn soon became disgusted with the casting couch mentality young starlets are often subject too.
    • Poor Marilyn Monroe had to suffer the torments of the casting couch, and anyone who tells you that's a thing of the past is either a fool or a liar.
    • But look at that blonde over there, doesn't she look like she knows her way around the casting couch of a porno studio, eh?
    • For every quip that rates as political satire there are a dozen - such as his remarks suggesting that the starlet took the casting couch route to pop success - which seem intended purely to outrage and offend.
    • The casting couch was a common feature in every two-bit producer's office.
    • His parents were both actors, though some suggest his real father was the owner of the nearby Teatro di San Samuele, which would make Casanova, appropriately, the result of the casting couch.
    • He's chatted up by ladies who think he could be an ‘in’ to the industry, and yet claims, so far, to have resisted the lure of being the one in charge of the casting couch.
    • That's bogus, the casting couch is a myth created by the media.
    • That casting couch legend didn't just procreate itself, after all.
    • And, knowing Susan, the gossip would have it that she had got the part on the casting couch.
    • Pretty easy to see why this guy has to resort to the casting couch to have any chance of getting a woman.
    • The casting couch has long been relegated to the mists of movie legend, she declares.