Translation of casting director in Spanish:

casting director

director de reparto, n.


Cinema Theatre
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    director de reparto masculine
    directora de reparto feminine
    • The fact that he's working with an exceptional cast mitigates his seeming ineffectualness, but I wonder if he's not a better casting director than theatrical director.
    • It's a nightmare role for casting directors and actors, because nobody can possibly live up to the ideal.
    • It's funny how some actors suggest themselves to casting directors for certain roles.
    • But casting directors and directors would do well to push that to the side and to give her something more to do.
    • Its always good to go to auditions because you meet casting directors and producers and directors whom you may not have met before.
    • Lastly, some audition footage is included, leading me to believe the casting director intentionally wanted charisma-free actors.
    • As far as I can tell what happens is that he turns most of the casting responsibilities over to his casting director and, as he was shooting in England, they just got a lot of people in.
    • The casting directors are impressed with his authenticity, and they bring him out to Hollywood for the big, final screen test for the role of a hard boiled PI.
    • I was the casting director, I rehearsed all the actors and staged all the scenes.
    • A good cast selected here, and kudos to the casting directors - the actors combined with a relatively straightforward script made for fun but substantial viewing.
    • The man has the patience of a saint and is generous with both his time and offers of names and addresses of casting directors and numerous other film contacts.
    • And because we had a very limited amount of money, we weren't going to be able to go to casting directors or agencies to cast the film.
    • The people who broker talent - producers and casting directors - play the ‘Name Game’ in the interest of box office and so name actors are always at the top of the list.
    • But they apparently aren't complaining to the right people because the film's casting director has grabbed all of the attractive young white actors money can buy.
    • A Chiswick boy will be popping back to a second audition for a West End show after impressing casting directors with his acting talents.
    • I had interesting conversations in the beer tent, and not once did anyone ask me who my agent was, or which casting directors I'd worked with.
    • Work, she says, is still enjoyable, but it no longer dominates, even though she admits to seeing an attitude change in the minds of casting directors.
    • The film was successful and, after that, casting directors would tend to think of me for the role.
    • We had a great casting director and because the script was so good we had a lot of people queuing up to be in the film.
    • The fact that they both fall for the least attractive man in the history of romantic fiction is possibly to do with not getting out enough - or is it the casting director's fault?