Translation of casting vote in Spanish:

casting vote

voto de calidad, n.


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    voto de calidad masculine
    • The second thing I want to talk about is the meeting issue and the casting vote.
    • His troubles within the organisation culminated in 1930, when he had to rely on his own vote and the casting vote of the national secretary to survive.
    • A casting vote of the Chairman decided the issue.
    • When looking again at the voting we have now, now that we have multiple parties, the House decided that it did not want to have casting votes by the Chair.
    • She argued that her main focus was removing the casting vote of the mayor - a second vote to decide an issue when the vote is tied at 6-all.
    • If she was successful and the council remained hung again next year, she could have the casting vote, putting the Liberal Democrats in charge for the first time in 90 years.
    • He said that the Chairperson had had the casting vote.
    • The Senate is presided over by the US Vice-President, who has a casting vote if the vote is evenly split.
    • The speaker has a casting vote in the event of a tie.
    • So district councillors, through the casting vote of the chairman, could outvote all other members.
    • The counter-motion was voted on and carried with the casting vote of the Lady Mayor.
    • The decision to pay a contractor to carry out the safety checks was carried on the casting vote of the chairman after four councillors voted for and four voted against.
    • The Chairman of the meeting of the Board shall not be entitled to a second or a casting vote.
    • At least on this occasion, the acting Mayor voted differently to the six pack and used his casting vote to ensure the petition was accepted.
    • The disgraceful rises in the council tax and the casting vote of the Mayor in this year's setting of council tax, was the final straw for many Labour die-hards.
    • But councillors turned down their application - by the casting vote of the planning committee's chairman.
    • The motion was defeated when the mayor used his casting vote to break another deadlock.
    • This resulted in draw, with the Labour Mayor giving his casting vote in favour of his own group.
    • The committee split five-five and residents were furious when the committee chairman used her casting vote to approve the scheme.