Translation of castrato in Spanish:


castrado, n.

Pronunciation /kæˈstrɑdoʊ/ /kaˈstrɑːtəʊ/

nounplural castrati

  • 1

    castrado masculine
    • We tend to associate Handel operas with high voiced prima donnas, the castrati and the sopranos.
    • And there was a fascinating account of the castrati, the male singers who lost their testicles before puberty.
    • The recital concludes with a rarely heard aria with cello obbligato from Arianna, written for the soprano castrato Carlo Scalzi.
    • The sole extant example of the castrato voice dates from the dawn of recorded sound, and the singer in question was advanced in years at the time.
    • His falsetto voice captures the chimerical sound of the castrati with eerie accuracy, something that becomes clear when we hear a scratchy recording of the last castrato, Moreschi, made at the turn of the 20th century.