Translation of cat's-paw in Spanish:


instrumento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkætsˌpɔ/ /ˈkatspɔː/


  • 1

    instrumento masculine
    • We now have many senators who are mere cat's paws for the special interests.
    • Apparently these protesters wanted to make the point that their political context and demands were completely local and that they could not be dismissed as cat's paws of Iran.
    • So there's no point waiting to call him what he is: an enemy of progressive change in this country and a cat's paw of the Republican party.
    • In a flash, the professor became a source of regional antagonism, a cat's paw of conservatives and the subject of widespread condemnation.
    • But don't let their geeky, kindly manner turn you into a cat's paw.
    • Each country thinks independence is the cat's paw of the other: a cosmetic cover for nefarious designs.
    • So profound now is his dominance that all competitors have willingly consigned themselves to being nothing more than cat's paws.
    • They're going to send their cat's paws, the Democrats, after those who serve Jesus.
    • The entire spectacle is a politically salutary lesson in the hypocrisy and brutality of imperialism, and the role of the United Nations as the cat's paw of great power politics.
    • It utilizes this gang of war lords as its cat's paw in Central Asia.
    • The KLA was in fact functioning as a cat's paw of the Western powers.
    • He thinks that the man is a cat's paw from Claggart who is still after him.
    • Throughout, they appear to have used Laos more or less as a complaisant cat's paw.
    • With all the other parties, save the cat's paw Liberal Democrats, ganging up to denounce the First Minister, she produced a typically feisty performance that routed his opponents.
    • I'll never be anybody's cat's paw again.