Translation of catalyst in Spanish:


catalizador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæd(ə)ləst/ /ˈkat(ə)lɪst/


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    catalizador masculine
    this acted as a catalyst in bringing about change esto sirvió de catalizador para producir el cambio
    • Though the film is around these two men, it is the women who play the catalyst to all the events and add momentum to the story.
    • It is the union of the latter two that provides the catalyst for the events that follow.
    • In Scotland, it has always been Catholic schools which have been the catalyst for this debate.
    • It will hopefully act as a catalyst for more formal public education in the future.
    • It is amazing what acts as a catalyst to spur people on to do something about a situation.
    • Historical and meaningful events such as this often act as a catalyst for change.
    • The film's other characters are secondary, and often serve little purpose beyond acting as catalysts.
    • More importantly, it was about inspired individuals being the catalysts of effecting new possibilities.
    • The beach becomes the catalyst which encourages them to break society's rules.
    • Public opinion polls often serve as catalysts for such debates.
    • I hope that it will be a catalyst for an ongoing debate and discussion in our field.
    • Events, individuals, circumstances and situations are catalysts for transformations in culture.
    • There are many events however that serve as catalysts for the big historic shifts.
    • This is the catalyst for a chain of events which threatens to destabilise the parliament.
    • The event was to be used as a catalyst for change and to bring new hope to residents in rundown areas of the city.
    • The primary catalysts that induced this growth were the end-user industries, communications, and computers, in particular.
    • On the second issue, the crisis also served as a catalyst to the birth of a more responsible and braver press.
    • All three shocks have caused, or been a catalyst for, a serious downturn in western economies.
    • The Parliamentary debate on this report was the actual catalyst which prompted the minister to resign.
    • If there is any catalyst to get the team motivated for next season it will be this performance in the nationals.