Translation of catastrophic in Spanish:


catastrófico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkædəˈstrɑfɪk/ /katəˈstrɒfɪk/


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    • His life takes a sudden twist when a strong earthquake and aftershocks cause catastrophic damage to the subway system, trapping a train and its handful of passengers in harm's way.
    • Tonight those winds are picking up in the Mexican resort town of Cancun, which could suffer catastrophic damage from this powerful storm.
    • The magnitude of the natural disaster that the Indian Ocean rim countries suffered from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami is said to be the worst in living memory.
    • But in 1950 and 1966 it suffered two more catastrophic earthquakes.
    • ‘It's capable of causing catastrophic damage but, of course, what we're really worried about is the loss of lives,’ he added.
    • The damage, described as catastrophic, caused failure to all of the networks which make up telecommunication infrastructure on the island.
    • Officials say the hurricane could cause catastrophic damage.
    • By the early nineties, the damage was inescapable and catastrophic.
    • The worst storm, a Category 5, has winds greater than 155 mph and can cause catastrophic damage.
    • The upper plate moves seaward, and a massive tsunami can be produced along with catastrophic destruction from earthquake shaking.
    • Working together as a team, the three were able to quickly extinguish the fire and prevent further potentially catastrophic damage until fire trucks could respond to the aircraft.
    • Forecasters are warning that a hurricane making landfall at or near New York City could cause catastrophic damage in the U.S.'s largest urban center.
    • But sooner or later, a large object will threaten to hit the earth-moon system causing catastrophic damage.
    • The fact is that disasters come in a thousand different shapes and sizes, and they don't have to all be catastrophic to do significant damage.
    • Based on the recent evidence, we can estimate that the chances of an asteroid doing catastrophic damage in the next century are approximately one in 5000.
    • For years scientists and engineers have warned that a major hurricane could inflict catastrophic damage on the city.
    • The catastrophic damage resulting from the 1906 earthquake proved to be the springboard for a century of advances in the understanding and science of earthquakes.
    • But clearly, there are human factors behind the extensive damage caused by catastrophic storms.
    • It is a huge pandemic that's affecting the whole world and will, unless it's stemmed in some way or other, it's going to have catastrophic consequences for the economy of the world.
    • The catastrophic plague losses of the Black Death helped fuel an obsession with the afterlife and to popularize chantries.