Translation of categorical in Spanish:


categórico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkædəˈɡɔrək(ə)l/ /katəˈɡɒrɪk(ə)l/


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    • So the Northern Territorians can take that as an absolute, categorical assurance.
    • He wrote to Mr Southcombe last month to ask for a categorical assurance that the youngsters would not suffer any long-term health effects.
    • My defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic: it will be categorical and absolute.
    • If we don't get promoted to Division One, the year is a total, categorical failure.
    • I shall be categorical in saying Simone King will make a worthy MCSG President if elected.
    • Both Ms. Rice and Mr. Gonzales gave the required categorical rejection of torture.
    • Because if he's now making a categorical statement ruling this out, that would be a shift in his position.
    • It wasn't a categorical statement that she would give me the ticket.
    • Earlier, party officials made it clear that this was a categorical rejection of a coalition with Labour after the next election.
    • Here the select committee is categorical: the government has failed.
    • The official answer to the kidnappers has been both categorical and at times confusing.
    • Tory co-chairman Liam Fox said the Attorney General had ultimately given clear and categorical advice.
    • Swinney gave a categorical promise never to sanction any more nuclear power stations in Scotland - ever.
    • To me, one of the fundamental flaws of the Christian approach is the categorical demonizing of lust.
    • So his government was categorical in its rejection of early release.
    • And as yet no categorical denial has been forthcoming from Montenegrin authorities.
    • Dr Booth is categorical about how severe the problem of childhood obesity has become.
    • However, he was categorical that he was not attempting to glorify a caste or violence.
    • The answer is a categorical no, except in crofting areas, where a few crofters may be a little better off.
    • Wheeler is categorical that this has played a large part in Leicester's success.