Translation of categorically in Spanish:


categóricamente, adv.

Pronunciation /kædəˈɡɔrɪkli/ /ˌkatəˈɡɒrɪk(ə)li/


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    • Farming organizations are categorically opposed to any such suggestion.
    • His assertion that "markets are always by their nature driving towards equilibrium" is categorically false.
    • Indeed, a strong case could be made that interest rates are categorically destabilizing.
    • A critic is not supposed to discuss new poetry without overtly praising or categorically condemning it.
    • The theorists concede to merely pointing at something which they cannot categorically argue even exists.
    • The writer categorically states that selfishness has no place in marriage.
    • I have seen enough data to know that nobody can categorically say these structures are safe.
    • We have a clear declaration from 15 member states stating categorically that our position on military neutrality is understood, accepted, and acknowledged.
    • I categorically deny any involvement in any fraud.
    • The judge would be entitled to dismiss the second application unless it could be categorically demonstrated that the new material was conclusive of the case.