Translation of category in Spanish:


categoría, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkædəˌɡɔri/ /ˈkatəɡ(ə)ri/

nounplural categories

  • 1

    categoría feminine
    • The most widely used algorithms can be grouped into five main categories, as shown in Table 1.
    • All the main tax categories increased with income and corporation tax showing particularly strong surges.
    • For purposes of classification they could be divided into five broad categories.
    • Analysis continued until no new major information on the characteristics of the category was forthcoming.
    • The classification has five broad categories, the focus of this trend analysis.
    • They have won the competition once and frequently finished in the top five in the residential category.
    • The Act on Wine now distinguishes five categories of quality wines.
    • After reviewing scores of nominations, our panel of judges selected two finalists in each of five categories.
    • The two main categories of positive incentives are price guarantees and mileage bonuses.
    • Only criminals who belong to any of these five categories will have the chance to be punished by community correction.
    • Essentially, the problems that the prostate gland can develop can be divided into two main categories.
    • There were five categories in the competition, which was open to both mainstream and special schools.
    • Honours are up for grabs in five categories - including a Top Tutor award.
    • The main categories of rum are white, golden, dark, spiced and anejo, or aged rum.
    • The award is one of the five People's Choice categories voted for by the general public.
    • The objections to the licence fell into four main categories, the committee was told.
    • Code orange is the second highest of the five alert categories.
    • It turns out that a large proportion of the abilities fall under the category of emotional intelligence.
    • There are also separate age group categories usually in five or ten-year bands.
    • Plus, a category five hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast of the United States.