Translation of caterwauling in Spanish:


maullidos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkædərwɔlɪŋ/ /ˈkatəwɔːlɪŋ/


  • 1

    (of cat) maullidos masculine
    (of person) aullidos masculine
    • Drunk and angry, he berated the thicknecks while pouring his loudest, most annoying caterwauls over the din of his backing band.
    • The drinkers perform a comedic caterwaul while the folk singers create a dissonant background to the absurdity.
    • Armed with only an acoustic guitar, My Morning Jacket's frontman falls into the delicate opening strains of ‘Bermuda Highway, ‘his ghostly caterwaul creeping up my spine like a fever.’
    • The song ended in a caterwaul of feedback as they stumbled off stage, leaving in their wake trashed guitars and a bemused Jonathan Ross.
    • What they are good at is picking logic up by its tail and whirling it around in circles, ignoring its protesting screams and caterwauls.
    • They raised such a caterwaul when Thompson entered a Burmese in a San Francisco show in 1938 that he withdrew from the proceedings.
    • Through all my whining, mewling, and caterwauls of privileged desperation, there has been only one constant - my desire to attend Yale University Law School.
    • That said, they are still out to pummel, and their singer's caterwaul has never sounded more throat-shredding.
    • There are songs here (particularly grating caterwaul Escape Song) that would never see daylight were it not for their celebrity provenance.
    • What kind of media caterwaul do you suppose would ensue?
    • Can rock ever again generate the poorly-constructed yet subversive caterwaul for which I once fell in love with it?
    • Certainly, the former, part caterwaul and part coy coo, will be an acquired taste.
    • Rather, they let their two drummers/two bassists/sax/guitar/vocals/etc. lineup speak for itself as one, which allows this guy and his extremely unpleasant, wavering caterwaul to hide behind relative anonymity.
    • The words Britain's best young spellers found most difficult were rankle, caterwaul, pleasurable and totem.
    • There's always something happening; the yelping of dogs, the cat's caterwaul, the ‘jagte raho’ calls of the watchman.
    • And how can you not love the way ‘Melt’ starts with that laid-back, chiming intro and its backwards vocals, and then kicks into that massive caterwaul of guitars and drums?
    • We're trying to watch a serious art film in here, and all we can hear is that caterwaul you insist on playing at full volume!