Traducción de cathartic en español:


catártico, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈθɑrdɪk/ /kəˈθɑːtɪk/

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    • We were witnessing the cathartic expression of raw experience that could be the foundation of a profoundly moving work and perhaps one day it will.
    • Perhaps this is why the film is best seen in a crowded theatre, where the infectiousness of cathartic emotion can have full play.
    • Gullible by nature, they are easily swayed by catchy slogans and start seeking cathartic relief in communal frenzy.
    • Furthermore, a substantial body of social research reports that engaging in cathartic expressions of anger does not eradicate aggressive urges but rather escalates them.
    • It's a defiantly anti-commercial album; one built more for cathartic expression than fretting over the amount of units sold.
    • Sometimes it's cathartic to open up about the sad stuff.
    • For many, the experience is clearly cathartic and helps release pent-up emotions.
    • Today, audiences prefer big statements, cathartic effects and emotional exhibitionism.
    • I also think there is real value, cathartic release, in applying to humour to the situation and being able to openly laugh at what we once feared
    • It was a great, great, great show, a very cathartic release.
    • Forgiveness is cathartic and releases tension, revenge perpetuates and increases tension.
    • But beyond the monetary considerations, her renaming ordeal has also proved emotionally cathartic.
    • As with Greek drama, it may be emotionally cathartic but it is never soothing.
    • The play is supposed to build to a final cathartic spilling of secrets and emotions.
    • All people, including Chinese people, crave the cathartic release that laughter provides.
    • However, don't expect a cathartic payoff, because there is little emotional messiness in this largely intellectual exercise.
    • Would we then defer to his expressed wishes and enact a scene of cathartic cruelty?
    • This would have a cathartic effect; it would release us from the torments of hypocrisy, from the discomforts of a lie.
    • As an expression of community solidarity, and as a cathartic public moment of defiance in the face of the threat of personal loss, it is a powerful symbol.
    • It's been a cathartic experience for all of us.


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