Translation of Catherine wheel in Spanish:

Catherine wheel

rueda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæθ(ə)rən ˌ(h)wil/ /ˈkaθrɪn wiːl/


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    (de fuegos artificiales) rueda feminine
    girándula feminine
    • But if we wish to avoid establishing a black market, and the sale of fireworks to the public is to continue, then let these be the sparklers, Catherine wheels and small rockets Mr Waller appears to favour.
    • By the end of the day we managed to acquire a substantial collection of rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers.
    • Next was a 2/6 box - as before with a couple of rockets, a few Catherine wheels and some Bangers.
    • There were few occasions quite so exciting in my pre-drinking and clubbing youth as the flutter of sparks that erupted when I caught sight of the local stud at the other side of the fire or through the sparkle of a Catherine wheel.
    • Ironically, the champion of the less well off appears more of a damp squib than a Catherine wheel.
    • The council employs experts for its displays and hundreds of fireworks not available for legal public sale can be seen, including giant Catherine wheels, confetti cannons and fizzing fountains.
    • Gangs of small boys gathered around little fizzing bombs, or lobbed Catherine wheels under the chairs of dozing grandparents.
    • The days of a few Roman candles and Catherine wheels going off in the back yard are long gone.
    • In the popular subconscious, a kind of autonomous dynamo located in Silicon Valley spins out IT innovations at an ever-accelerating pace, like a Catherine wheel.
    • They're not like they used to be, when children expected no more than a toffee apple and a Catherine wheel.
    • This means November 5 this year will be the last Guy Fawkes day in South Africa when people can let off crackers, rockets, Catherine wheels and the like.
    • If you even think about going near the throttle, its front wheels light up like Catherine wheels and you go nowhere in a cloud of expensive Pirelli smoke.
    • Clark seems to be a one-off in exploring movement in so many different directions - a Catherine wheel of ideas.
    • Dick has now marched me outside once more for a look at his replica of the mighty Panjandrum, a sort of mobile Catherine wheel dreamt up by the boffins of the navy's Department of Miscellaneous Weapons during the Second World War.
    • When deployed, the engineless craft resembles a windmill or Catherine wheel, with two segmented reflective sails collecting light particles from the sun.