Translation of cathode in Spanish:


cátodo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæθˌoʊd/ /ˈkaθəʊd/


  • 1

    cátodo masculine
    • Oxygen enters at the cathode, where it combines with electrons and is split into ions that travel through the electrolyte to react with fuel at the anode.
    • The opening focuses the electrons emitted from the cathode onto the anode to a spot size preferably less than 40 nanometers.
    • An electron originating near the planar cathode and ultimately collected at electrode A will induce an equal charge at A and B during most of its journey.
    • The fact that identical electrons were emitted from cathodes of a range of materials under a range of conditions strongly suggested that the electron is a fundamental constituent of all atoms.
    • Those same ions would then flow to the cathode, and after electrons were added, would end up as pure copper.