Translation of Catholicism in Spanish:


catolicismo, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈθɑləˌsɪzəm/ /kəˈθɒlɪsɪz(ə)m/


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    catolicismo masculine
    • In high school, he abandoned his parents' Hindu faith and converted to Catholicism.
    • The strength of Polish Catholicism derived from the church's role as one of the main sources of national identity.
    • A lot of the traditions carried out in her youth revolved around Catholicism and the Church.
    • For the mass of Italians the Church and Catholicism were a central part of everyday life.
    • Moore's preoccupation with faith and with religion, particularly with Catholicism, is a salient feature of his work.
    • Alone among the great monotheistic faiths, Catholicism is a lover rather than a breaker of icons.
    • Church and state are separate today, but Catholicism is the religion of the great majority.
    • You seem to be confusing being raised as a Catholic with actually practicing Catholicism, mate.
    • One of the characteristics of Catholicism is a lively devotion to Our Lady.
    • They brought with them Jesuit missionaries to convert the people to Catholicism.
    • The Catholicism practiced in Venezuela very much follows the guidelines of the Roman hierarchy.
    • Or was her Catholicism simply part of the natural order, just taken for granted?
    • Nowadays it is not so easy to know who is a Catholic, or what one understands by Catholicism.
    • Families, not bishops, carry and transmit Catholicism, in our culture as any culture.
    • In preconciliar Catholicism, such questions would be dismissed quickly and easily.
    • I think the shift can be traced to factors both external and internal to American Catholicism.
    • Yet Catholicism has never condemned all participation in war as morally impermissible.
    • There is no doubt that the shift from the use of Latin to the vernacular was a momentous event in Catholicism.
    • The Catholicism of the forties and fifties cannot and should not be restored.
    • Obviously Brian felt strongly enough about his Catholicism to insist on a church wedding.