Translation of cathouse in Spanish:


casa de putas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkætˌhaʊs/ /ˈkathəʊs/


  • 1

    casa de putas feminine informal
    putero masculine Mexico informal
    quilombo masculine River Plate informal
    casa de remolienda feminine Chile informal
    puteadero masculine Colombia informal
    • And there was the ongoing question of why cathouses were called cathouses when there didn't seem to be any mice.
    • Saloons, cathouses and gambling establishments were the norm.
    • They hung out on street corners or in clubs that were cathouses in all but name.
    • Back at the cathouse, Melissa claims to have been ‘traumatized ‘by her kitchen term.
    • Is it wise to run a saloon and a cathouse in a town filled with prison laborers?
    • The opposition party (i.e. the cathouse across the street) isn't slow to spot a chance to stick it to the competition by calling in the vice squad.
    • I had to let him look the whole house over to make sure we hadn't turned it into a cathouse or crackhouse, and in the end promised to vacate ASAP.
    • I suspect Papa liked having that nude hanging in the den almost as much as he liked telling people his wife had a cathouse in the backyard.
    • Our man resembles Mickey Mouse singing at a cathouse after his 10th shot of Absinthe.
    • The impression emerging in the press is of the Scottish Executive as a screeching cathouse filled with fractious and uncontrollable ministers, plotting factions, and burned-out civil servants led by a First Minister who cannot say no.
    • As both the show's musical director and a character called The Man, guitarist Williams transplants the audience to a cathouse in New Orleans where music reigns supreme and the beat always goes on.
    • On the title track, he sounds like a less-mournful Tom Waits amid the accordion bump and grind of a busy cathouse.
    • It depicts a prostitute in lower Manhattan in front of a stoop with a black cat poised on the railing - a visual pun on cathouse.