Translation of catnap in Spanish:


siestecita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkætˌnæp/ /ˈkatnap/


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    siestecita feminine
    cabezada feminine
    to have / take a catnap echarse una siestecita / cabezada
    • I plan to have a short catnap (ten minutes tops) on the sofa before jogging down the road to class.
    • After a short catnap while the vessel eased through the locks of the Welland Canal, it would be time to clean out the ship.
    • Although billed as the ultimate exercise in sleep deprivation, shattered competitors have been allowed occasional catnaps agreed by the producers.
    • Last night Fossett said that during the 77-hour flight he only managed to take catnaps of no more than 10 minutes at a time, with an estimated total of two hours.
    • Travelodge, which runs hotels across the country's motorway network, is letting its rooms for £5 for 30 minutes to encourage tired drivers to take a catnap.
    • Many high achievers schedule time in their day for a catnap.
    • But if a change is as good as a rest, Smith has long since woken from his catnap.
    • She'd go days on just catnaps, then sack out for as many as eighteen hours on a Sunday.
    • ‘Whatever,’ I said, and she laughed at my stubbornness, but I changed the subject back to her and Drew, and my little catnap in the arms of the red-haired rogue was soon forgotten.
    • Silvanus sat back and crossed his fingers as if taking a curative catnap; ‘we go from life to life; place to place.’
    • I've actually had a few occasions over the last few nights when I've had little catnaps as I was lying somewhere, and those can be fairly refreshing - I had one last night, while I was finishing up Tom Sawyer for book club.
    • On the way I caught myself slipping into catnaps, much to the amusement of the two girls who sat opposite me during one of my bouts of unconsciousness.
    • In that sense, the least frail person on those trips was Gus Dur himself. He has enormous stamina, gained by various means, such as taking a catnap.
    • I pulled through and went home, and even decided to stretch out on the bed for a catnap, but I got woken up by the kitten after about 15 minutes.
    • My catnap was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass.
    • However, what stood before me ruined all chances of a catnap and my imagination was back in action.
    • Dinner's not for a few hours, and I could sure use a catnap.
    • There they just could not stop catching fish, and hoping to have a little respite they tried to have a catnap.

intransitive verb catnapping, catnapped, catnapped

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    echarse una siestecita
    echarse una cabezada