Translation of catty in Spanish:


malicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkædi/ /ˈkati/

adjective cattier, cattiest

  • 1

    • Let joy raise you above negative comments, catty remarks or outright persecution.
    • We have many friends and acquaintances with different political values, but these two are the only ones who feel the need to ruin a perfectly nice evening with snide and catty comments about people whom they know we support.
    • Girls engage in catty behavior and nasty comments, judging each other on appearance and material possessions.
    • I even made a catty remark about her hairband back in 1992, for which I'm truly sorry.
    • And as nerves fray and tempers rise you can be assured of a catty remark or backstage rumpus.
    • I thought the hardest part of my recovery would be the pain and the crutches; I wasn't prepared for catty remarks from other dancers.
    • She was the fighter in our group; she could make a tough girl cry with her endless barrage of snotty remarks and catty comebacks.
    • An office would not be an office without gossip and catty remarks.
    • They can make all the catty remarks they want and still not pass math.
    • I was racking my mind for some kind of catty remark, but was coming up empty.
    • You never get catty comments like that from female customers.
    • Is this really what she dreamed of doing when she was in college: writing catty comments about the clothes and hairstyles of people who have actually accomplished things in their own lives?
    • So when you post catty comments about your boss, it is the same as doing so in an interview.
    • The climbing world can be a remarkably catty place, so it came as no surprise that not everyone was awed by the Russians' feat.
    • The book is an acquired taste, but on stage it revealed itself as an entertaining character comedy thanks to a set of brilliant performances led by Ward as a catty matriarch driven by self-interest.
    • Certain catty colleagues liked to read these stories aloud.
    • Before Minerva could defend Kelly with a catty remark, Kelly cut her short.
    • ABC couldn't resist a catty comment on its Web site.
    • The book sporadically manages to be amusingly catty, but never, try as it may, moving.
    • I didn't think these girls could be so catty.