Translation of cauliflower ear in Spanish:

cauliflower ear

oreja deformada, n.


  • 1

    oreja deformada feminine
    • Leonard was an early initiate into the underworld of the scrum, earning his first cauliflower ear as a 15-year-old playing for Barking Under-19s.
    • That approach often gives you a permanent cauliflower ear.
    • On review at three months, the patient had developed an unsightly cauliflower ear, with loss of supporting cartilage in the upper pinna.
    • The fashion craze for piercing the tops of ears is exposing children to the risk of deformities such as cauliflower ear, specialists at a Yorkshire hospital have warned.
    • Often, lesions appearing on the ears may result in a deformity referred to as cauliflower ear.
    • He's paid out good money to have his teeth capped and cauliflower ear sorted.
    • One of the most common injuries for wrestlers is cauliflower ears.
    • Stewart said around a fifth of his male clients were former rugby players wanting operations to fix their cauliflower ears caused by years of damage in scrums.
    • Rugby players pride themselves on their twisted, bulbous, cauliflower ears, ballet dancers have feet covered in lumps and calluses that betray their art.
    • Rugby is a contact sport, and injuries are as much part of the game as cauliflower ears and post-match pints.
    • Remember those missing teeth, those cauliflower ears and their scars - those were the receipts of years of savage brawls with some of the greatest teams in the business.
    • He has cauliflower ears and mangled knees to show for the silver medal he won at the 1966 Commonwealth Games, but he still manages to spend more than 30 hours a week on the course.
    • The ears, I don't know if you noticed, he's got cauliflower ears.
    • One by one Leonard's team joined the loose-head prop and each hugged him in turn as the roars of the crowd penetrated the tape insulating his cauliflower ears.
    • And his cauliflower ears, toothless grin and boneless nose are testimony to his unrelenting quest for simulated perfection.
    • He's as decent and honourable as his cauliflower ears are large.
    • He has cauliflower ears now from a beating he was given by someone who was never formally identified for us.
    • Cut eyes, broken noses and cauliflower ears are all common in the world's most brutal sport.