Translation of caulk in Spanish:


calafatear, v.

Pronunciation /kɔk/ /kɔːk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (seams/hull) Nautical calafatear
    (cracks/joints) enmasillar
    • Within two minutes of ordering appetizers, our party was inundated with marshmallow-size gnocchi and enough gooey risottos to caulk a ship.
    • Eventually, the museum will caulk and paint Surprise to make her seaworthy.
    • The obscure gray water is dotted with fishing boats, which brush the calm surface, each caulked with a paste of alchemical silvers.
    • By the beginning of December Challenger was newly rigged, freshly caulked and painted, and fitted with a new deck house for the comfort of the Scientifics.
    • At Brooker Creek Elementary School, plant operators were caulking the seams left when aluminum awnings over the doors were ripped away from several portable classrooms.
    • The seams were caulked with tow, which I procured from untwisted ropes.
    • You should plug and caulk holes or penetrations for faucets, pipes, electric outlets, and wiring.
    • Walk around the outside of your home or apartment, and slowly examine the windows, doors, siding, water faucets and any other through-the-wall openings. Any such cracks or openings should be caulked and sealed.
    • In the bathroom: Shower doors should be caulked and sealed properly to prevent leaking.
    • Seal the cracks with caulking and then apply a good coat or two of paint.
    • Be sure there is a tightly caulked seal around the edge of the storm windows.
    • This must be carefully and completely caulked to seal it against energy loss.
    • If your home has a stucco exterior, caulk any cracks.
    • Check the roof vents and access hatch, and caulk any cracks where flashing meets the roof line.
    • The joints should be caulked to prevent leaks, and the hangers should be secure to the fascia.
    • ‘We had seen impressions of these vertical wooden planks in Roman concrete, and wondered if the cracks between planks had to be caulked to prevent concrete leakage,’ he said.
    • Even if you think the crack is too small, caulk it anyway.
    • Weatherstrip and caulk around windows, and seal all cracks and crevices.
    • So they fastened boards on either side of the banister and caulked and painted to fill in.
    • Seal the finishing material well with tile grout, and caulk all the joints to prevent water damage.
    • Then something banged against the inside wall where Dennis was caulking.
    • I cleaned rooms, laundered bedding, caulked around storm windows, shoveled snow, and rented rooms to travelers and lovers.
    • We suggest you also caulk around each hole to prevent water from creeping in and rotting the siding.
    • Let's face it, if you want to get those energy bills down this winter, you may need to do more than just caulk and weather strip.