Translation of causation in Spanish:


causalidad, n.

Pronunciation /kɔˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɔːˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    causalidad feminine
    • But if you put it on that basis, your causation has not necessarily been determined.
    • Rather, liability for injuries has been extended beyond any reasonable definition of causation.
    • A jury could reasonably decide that causation had been established, given the evidence.
    • The general principle is that causation is established if the result would not have occurred but for D's conduct.
    • We searched Medline using strategies for studies of causation and aetiology described by McKibbon.
    • Where we say the trial judge eventually failed is that he did not make a determination as to causation in this case.
    • Take a standard case of mental causation: your headache causes you to go to the cupboard to get an aspirin.
    • The criteria for determining causation of serious events were not stated.
    • Moreover, in simple causation the second event does not occur unless the first event has occurred.
    • To my mind, the first issue which the judge had to determine was an issue of causation - did the breach of duty cause the damage alleged.
    • In conclusion, this study has shown smoking as the principle risk factor in the causation of lung cancer among men.
    • It inhibits a phosphorylating enzyme that's crucial in the causation of that particular cancer.
    • The present study confirmed the harmfulness of bidis in the causation of lung cancer.
    • The mere presence of viral particles does not establish causation of autism: it may be an incidental finding.
    • A breach of duty was conceded but causation of the injury was not accepted.
    • But counter-stories and challenges to the causations of such oblivion find little or no public space.
    • As the molecular mechanisms of diseases and their causations are increasingly understood, so classifications are increasingly becoming blurred and overlapping, and many diseases are now recognized as being multi-causal.
    • Yet, by the end of the semester, this was the book that most illuminated their understandings of the complex causations behind forest change.
    • It does not depend on proof of causation of actionable loss.
    • Since this was a correlational study, no causations can be assumed regarding self-esteem.