Translation of cautious in Spanish:


prudente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔʃəs/ /ˈkɔːʃəs/


  • 1

    (person/approach/attitude) prudente
    (person/approach/attitude) cauteloso
    (person/approach/attitude) cauto
    the senator was cautious about committing himself el senador se cuidó de comprometerse
    • The attitudes many of these young people had developed were both cautious and illiberal.
    • But the scheme has received a cautious welcome from traders and business groups.
    • Traders in Wood Street in Old Town have given a cautious welcome to a parking meter that arrived two weeks ago.
    • His findings, though cautious and conservative, are nevertheless provocative.
    • Blunkett's language may have been cautious, but his bravery wasn't in doubt.
    • I even have a cautious optimism that some such changes could benefit Catholic life.
    • Tendring Council has given cautious approval to the Bathside Bay proposals.
    • Their overly cautious policy is one that they will pay for in the end.
    • We were very concerned to ensure that any opening of the courts was careful and cautious.
    • Campaigners have given a cautious welcome to news that a Witham community centre looks likely to be saved.
    • Bradford's new Gala Casino opened its doors yesterday to a cautious welcome from some.
    • The budget proposed for Basildon has been given a cautious but warm welcome by residents.
    • Chairman Sir Michael Bett welcomed the results, despite a cautious note about the size of margins.
    • So those who are attached to the cautious approach will hold back nervously rather than boldly promote growth.
    • I think it is because we are a comfortable society that moves in cautious steps.
    • At last, in cautious murmurs, they own up that they are wide awake, and far from tranquil.
    • The Pope's cautious reaction to martial law was prompted by his firm belief in non-violence.
    • The county council wants the Government to allow North Yorkshire to adopt a more cautious approach.
    • Initial reaction from the couple was cautious but the breakthrough of the arrest was evident on their faces.
    • Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh takes a slightly more cautious line than her leader.
    • Most pickpockets are cautious thieves hoping to avoid any kind of confrontation.
    • You know that there are people and situations in your life that you need to be cautious and careful about.
    • We have been careful and cautious: we don't have Scottish in our name for nothing.
    • Luckily she is a infuriatingly cautious driver, otherwise she could have been a goner.
    • A spokesman for the AA urged drivers to be cautious, warning of black ice on the roads.
    • Perhaps that means they should be more wary and cautious in the future.
    • My dad was always very careful and he has advised me not to be too cautious and end up with money I don't know what to do with.
    • In my view, we are very lucky to have a very prudent and cautious Minister of Finance.
    • Owning to the severe winter, the zoo staff is being extra cautious with animals.
    • You never know, the council may even be a little more cautious before it offers up another bit of open space to developers.
    • He also warned the public to be cautious and to book any foreign travel with recognised and regulated travel agents.
    • But while enjoying different foods and customs, she is also learning when to be cautious.
    • Economists were more cautious when making forecasts of the impact of the rising oil prices.
    • So ignore commentators' advice to be more politically correct, more cautious, more bland.
    • After months of being cautious and playing hard to get, I'm going to bravely risk rejection this time.
    • Nowadays, you've got to be as cautious with your email address as with your home address.
    • However, when it comes to holiday spending, we are just that little bit more cautious.
    • But they were more cautious, fearing a challenge which might destabilise the bank.
    • Perhaps the media has simply become more cautious since the days of the dot-com bust.
    • The second reason to be cautious is that there is no effective mechanism for dealing with global imbalances.